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Supporting morning sickness

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Hi All.

My partner is 8 weeks pregnant with our first child and morning sickness has taken over. She isn't being sick but feels it constantly. It's really getting her down and upsetting her. I'm trying to be positive and caring, take on more responsibilities with chores etc and make sure she has everything she needs, but I still feel absolutely useless! Can anyone give me any tips on what else I can be doing to support her through this difficult period?

Thank you.

8 Replies

If she’s feeling really rubbish and can’t cope with normal life I’d suggest you support her to seek help from a GP. Yes ‘morning sickness’ is normal but for some it can be bad enough for them not to function and in that case I’d highly recommend you discuss what options are available from your GP. I got some anti sickness tablets (I wasn’t sick much but the nausea was debilitating) and they made me well enough to be what I called ‘functionally nauseous). I know some GP’s can be quite dismissive and won’t help but hopefully with you there they’ll listen. Other than that sounds like you are doing an amazing job already and really care about how she is feeling which trust me will be really appreciated!


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. After reading some other posts I've encouraged her to see the GP. There hasn't been any sickness at all but the nausea is really getting her down. I'll make sure to mention the sickness tablets can help with nausea as well. Thanks again :)


I didn’t have morning sickness but I felt it. I get anxious about being sick so I was on edge all of the time. I lived off of crackers and flat lemonade which seemed to have helped me.

I would recommended the GP though as they may be able to help. Every time I’ve taken anti sickness tablets, I’ve been sick 🙈 helpful right?!

I hope your partner is ok.

Also, massive congratulations to the both of you.


I mostly felt sick and wasnt actually sick more than a couple of times. I found smelling a cut lemon surprisingly really helped. My other half read about it online and it really helped me so might be worth a try. Only helped for a bit each time but it was at least a break from feeling sick.


It is just horrible feeling constant nausea without relief. For me it lasted until around 15/16 weeks then died down. You are doing great and being so supportive. I'd agree with the others about seeing the GP for advice. As for other tips, it used to give me a little relief if I sipped ginger ale or ginger tea, especially when I first woke up but also throughout the day.


Congratulations and hats of to you for being very supportive and trying to understand what your partner is going through.

Your continued support will help her a lot during this rollercoaster ride called pregnancy especially on her off days.

Your partner can keep ginger biscuits by the bed so that she can have this first thing when she wakes up and before bed also throughout the day.

Eating very small meals and more often avoiding foods that are high in fats/oils helps too.

All the best with her pregnancy x


That you’re on here looking for answers, doing chores etc is wonderful support!

I had pretty bad morning sickness and nausea. Tbh I had to just ride it out, but finding what she can eat, sticking to that little and often helps. I sometimes found lucozade helpful to keep energy levels up and fresh ginger in hot water to sip lessened the nausea for a while at least.

It’s not fun feeling like that all the time but, as the mum of a now 12 week old, I promise it’s worth it

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I didn’t have morning sickness at all or nausea, I have random moments of sickness from about 16 weeks I’m now 27 weeks, I went to my doctor as my midwife was on holiday and he gave me some sickness/travel tablets to take whenever I felt sick and peptac! The tablets make me drowsy so I don’t take those, but when I start to feel sick I take the peptac and that stops it, you can buy peptac big bottle from the pharmacy it’s about £3


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