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Brown spotting 6 week pregnant (Updated)

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I'm 6 week pregnant and have brown spotting since last week. Sometimes I was yellow colour. No cramping or any pain. I had a USS one week back, there was a small sac inside my uterus. But it was too early to detect heartbeat. This is my 1st pregnancy, and I'm so scared about miscarriage 😩. Anyone has this before

Photo- today morning

Yesterday- brown colour

Day before yesterday- Yellow colour

But initially it was brown colour spotting

(Update) 04.09.2019

I was done a USS yesterday. There was a blighted ovum 😞. No baby anymore. I think that prolonged spotting is not a good sign for anyone.

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2 days after spotting beginning (5 week of pregnancy), I went to OB and 2 beta hCG blood tests were done.

1st- 1994 mIU/mL

After 48 hours - 3556 mIU/mL

It was increasing

But still I am having spotting, today is day 9. Am I going to having MC?

I was spotting on off with my first pregnancy from week 5-7w if I recall it correctly.

Some women do spot all pregnsncy.

Sending positive vibes your way! 🤗

Thank you so much for your response ♥️

How are you doing now?

Hope there has been no increase in spotting!


Actually I am trying to comfort my mind. They said that the sac will be come out spontaneously & until then, wait. But It is not as easy as say.

Spotting is stoped now, so I have a little hope

Thank you Hun ! ❤️

Oh I’m so sorry xx are they scanning you again in a week to be sure? They usually do that x if they haven’t ask to be scanned again to make sure x

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Actually it is really sad, the consultant OB who was done the scan said firmly that no baby inside the sac. He ask to wait until spontaneous miscarriage. Otherwise I have to go for another scan after 3 weeks.

Oh, darling, I am so sorry to hear that...

Big hugs,x

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JojoWash in reply to SPGmttd

So sorry x I’m in same position 🙁

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Oh! I'm so sorry for you. I know it's really hard. Had you have a 2nd scan to make sure the result? Actually, I know it is a stupid thing, but I still hope that my little angel is growing inside me. They may be wrong.

I really hope everything is fine after our scans.😃 Good luck for you.

Big higs and lots of love ❤️

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Yes I have another scan booked for Wednesday 😕

For Readers


I couldn't give up, I strongly believed that my baby is still growing inside me. So yesterday I went to a another doctor. (Actually I have no words to explain about his kindness.) Another USS was done. My baby was there with strong heart beat. Actually I couldn't control my tears. Further more He said that "meaning of tears is not always sadness, it could be a something other than sadness" so don't worry about spotting, sometimes it can be totally normal.

I want to say you, don't give up, doctors are humans, they can be mistaken & don't go for a USS too early, It makes more worries. I still have brown spotting but now I'm over the moon 😄

(Sorry for my terrible presentation, l know, my English is too bad)

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I’m so happy for you. It was very encouraging to read that everything turned ok. I’m 6 weeks and spotting, so scary…

That’s awful to tell u it’s blighted you must have been too early when they scanned u originally, they have to wait 2 weeks before rescanning to see if there’s growth before they offering any procedures. Where’s your updated scan pic so you’d be 9w+ what did you measure? Congratulations x

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Thanx hun 😄

POA 9+5 but POG 8+4 (according to USS), Actually I wanted to upload it but there is no option to upload a 2nd photo.


Hope your ok xx

it’s not always bad for some people so don’t freak yourself out like I did. I had this with my first miscarriage then went in today and I heard the heart beat!!!! Stay off the internet and don’t let people freak you out, just make an appointment to get a scan.

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Hi, just letting you know that this post is 7months old.

in reply to Itsalongjourney26

Didn’t know I couldn’t respond to help someone who maybe looking just like I was? But okay

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Itsalongjourney26 in reply to

I’m sorry if you think that was what was implied, but I commented on an old post once and appreciated being told by someone as I didn’t realise. Sorry for causing such offence.

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I think it’s more that the original poster probably doesn’t want to be reminded of what happened as it wasn’t a good outcome x

It's so lovely to hear! If your ever concerned in the future call EPU straight away they will never criticise for you getting checked xxxx

I konw the post is old. Bt want to know the update please. Would you deliver a healthy baby? All was ok?

I m going through this same situation and had a previous MC. So much worried

I am having brown discharge

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