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Pre 12 week scan

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Did anybody else take more tests leading up to their 12 week scan?

I’m already panicking and feel like I want to check it’s still there! :(

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Lots of people do, but there really is no point hun. You have your positives, and as long as there has been no bleeding etc there is no reason to think that anything bad has happened. I know the wait is hard, but try your best to relax xx

You could always book a private scan if it gets a bit much, but be mindful that a heartbeat can't always be detected until around 7weeks ish xx

Thank you! Trying to keep as positive as possible!! xx

I think I cleared out my local co-op of pregnancy tests and even ordered a couple online when I got embarrassed going in there daily! I so didn't believe it was happening and kept wanting to check.

I didn't have any private early scans though, like the other poster said unless you have any significant bleeding with cramps etc it's still in there.

It's definitely a nerve wracking time and having miscarriage is such a horrid experience to go through but extra tests or scans won't change what happens at this early stage.

I confided in a few close friends, who had children and knew what I was going through and I got a lot of support from them.

Best of luck

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Ok..this has made me feel better lol!! Thanks hun xxx

I must've done 20!! It helped me stay calm while waiting for my scan x

Yes I did 3 over 3 weeks or so leading up to it as I had bleeding. But they were all positive and the scan was all OK too. I know what it’s like to worry and my local EPU wouldn’t even see me until I was over 6 weeks. I had a private viability scan booked for 7 weeks anyway, so the extra tests helped me to worry less.

I totally get where your coming from as we had IVF so after my first positive I kept testing but try and save your money as unfortunately even if something bad has happened they would still show as positive. The second time I got pregnant I was very restrained and only tested a couple of times to use up the sticks. You could always pay for a reassurance scan to keep you going until the 12 week scan. Congratulations!! I hope the scan comes around quickly xx

Hi, I went for a private scan at 6 weeks as I was too worried leading up to the 12 weeks scan. Hope everything goes well x

Dont waste your money on tests, sadly if you have a missed mscarriage you can have no cramps or bleeding but a test will still show positive. Keep your cash for a private scan or hang on in there til 12 weeks. I know its a horribly long wait but youll get there and I wish you the best!

I 100% agree with claire16c. I too had a missed miscarriage, the baby stopped growing at 8weeks and I had no idea till at my 12 week scan I only had a light bleed just few days to my scan which I suspected a miscarriage because I don't bleed at all throughout my pregnancy. But I think apart from the slight bleed which happened only once, I also noticed my pregnancy symptoms had stopped but didn't attribute it to miscarriage. So my suggestion is you hang in there untill your 12 week scan or if you can afford it to keep scanning for reassurance. I wish you all the best

Yeah as people have said positive tests doesnt mean a viable pregnancy for sure, only thing is to pay for a private scan or wait for 12w. Ive had 3 missed miscarriages no signs of mc all test were positive until weeks past mc.

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