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Dating Scan

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So my partner and I have had 2 dating scans so far and we have another one tomorrow unfortunately baby is always in the wrong position to get the measurements and the measurement of the fluid behind the neck. What happens if they can't get the measurements tomorrow?

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Hi, at our 12 week scan they were unable to get the measurements behind the neck due to his position and refusal to budge, we had a blood test a week later called a quad test.

Thanks Vicky but they haven't offered us this and we are 15 weeks 3 days tomorrow

I would ask after tomorrow's scan what next steps are, we were offered bloods or amnio. We declined amnio and had blood test instead.

Hope you get an answer tomorrow.

Thank you

I had the quad test with my little boy as they couldn't get his measurements either. The midwife did this at my normal 16 week appointment. Fingers crossed for tomorrow x

Thank you

15 weeks & 3 days is too late for the combined screening if that's what you are wanting. After 14 weeks only the quad test can be done so I've no idea why they want to do another scan (info straight from nhs website

Because they haven't managed to get any measurements yet

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Like Cheekymonkey85 says I was told that using the nuchal fold measurement behind the neck isn’t accurate beyond 14 weeks (my boy measured 14 weeks at my 13+3 dating scan and even then they said it was only just valid) so even if they haven’t got any measurements I’m not sure there’s much point in repeating the scan at this stage if that’s all they’re doing it for.

Unless there are other measurements they need to get to check on baby I’d have thought they’d be better doing the blood test that others have suggested. Hope all goes well tomorrow though 🤞🏻 x

As kt says, it's not going to be accurate now so it's a bit pointless. The link I added says this. Lovely to take a peek at baby again though x

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