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First pregnancy 🤰

So this is my first pregnancy and I’m 12 weeks I have my 1st scan tomorrow! but I’m so scared in case something is wrong or something isn’t right. Is it normal to be this worried about it !? 😞

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You are definitely not alone in feeling anxious! Especially for women who have been through fertility treatment, the wait to get to the 12 week scan is hard and all sorts of thoughts go through your head.

Just keep yourself busy and distracted - catch up with a good friend, watch something funny on netflix, have a nice meal out woth your partner? Only one more day to go! You are more likely to be fine that not, so keep that in mind.

Best of luck for tomorrow. It's the most wonderful thing when you see your baby for the first time. Youll feel a lot more reassured. I hope all is ok, I'm sure it is. Now go and find a great box set to watch!!!


Thank you so much I’m getting so emotional as well just thinking about it. Thank you ☺️ xx

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I was a nervous wreck before my 12 scan, I didn't really have morning sickness so was convinced something was wrong and today my little boy is 17 weeks old. I think it's completely normal to be worried, there's lots of post on here from women feeling the same. Good luck for tomorrow, I'm sure everything will be fine and it's so amazing the first time you see your baby on the screen xxx


Perfectly normal. Have a great meet n greet day with your sweet baby.


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