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My little girl recently starting teething her cheeks are bright red shes dribbling loads and chewing on her hands. Anyone recommend any teething toys or medicines?


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I just buy any teethers and put them in fridge so the nice and cold I dont think it really matters what ones you get and give calpol if needs it or a bit of bonjela xx


Anbesol liquid is supposed to be amazing if other things don't work x


Sophie Le giraffe is great if you don’t have one yet. Really helped my little girl when she started teething at 4 months. I made a breast milk popsicle also for freezer and gave her to during day to help. At night I just did calpol if it was bad and it seemed to get her through, I also brought teething powder which is organic as read bad things about the gels. Can’t say they were brilliant but you just rub it on the gums. Lots of cuddles and patience as well! Xxx


Have you tried an Amber necklace......i haven't got children of my own yet (😉) but all my family used it for their children and say they really help..........


In terms of medicine, the only thing that stopped my baby waking hourly was Nelson's teething powder. I finally got some sleep after a long few weeks. It's on my essentials list for my next baby!


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