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Redundancy during Mat leave

Anyone been in this position? I don’t even know how to describe my feelings

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Have you been made redundant before your maternity leave starts???

I'm working for a company going through uncertain times but I was fortunate enough to be kept on and once my maternity started I was untouchable from a legal standpoint. I was worried they would let me go prior to me going off but it's a big company so would they have wanted the bad press and exposure from making a pregnant woman redundant?

I know companies can do it if the woman hasn't gone on maternity yet but its morally wrong. Have you contacted citizens advice for guidance?? Can you claim unfair dismissal on the grounds that you're pregnant??



Sadly you can be made redundant whilst on maternity leave. It Was fairly common in my industry in 2008/09 when I had my first mat leave. You may have an unfair / sex discrimination claim if you can establish that the selection criteria were unfair.

How big is the redundancy pool? Have they attempted to make you any offer? It is common for women on maternity leave to be offered a compromise redundancy package that is more preferential in exchange for agreeing not to make a claim. I know of two people who were offered full pay for their maternity leave plus statutory redundancy and notice. It was a significant sum.


What’s a compromise redundancy package? Xx


I am 3 months into my maternity leave. Unfortunately, you aren’t exempt from redundancy during maternity leave but I do think they have messed up on a number of points x


That's sounds distressing, talk to H.R or citizens advice. Things have a way of working out so try not to let this spoil your mat leave.


Thank you! I keep neglecting my little one as I’m constantly emailing or on the phone x


Yes I was made redundant at xmas 2005 baby was born 23 Jan 06 so 8 mths pregnant. I had worked for them since I left school I was 25 we lost a big contract staff was also by "tupe" employment was handed to the other company so by law I worked for them now but they were based south so there was a few of us made redundant so it wasnt because I was pregnant. I got my redundancy plus my maternity pay in a lump sum in advance I took a year off (maternity then was 6mths) and got a new job. Worked out ok in the end but was pretty stresful at the time.


This happened to a friend of mine. They paid her maternity leave but the second she came back, she lost her job.

Are you and your partner in a position to survive on one income for a short while? Could you do a full year at home with your baby? It'll give you a bit more time to look for a replacement job but also the joy of seeing your baby get to 1.

It's not exactly the same but I didn't get any maternity when i had my son, as I didn't qualify at the time. It's been a huge struggle surviving on one income but do able. Second hand baby things (cot, high chair, toys and books, etc); using Lidl or Aldi nappies, actually just using those supermarkets in general.

Hope you are ok.


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