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Can you switch hospitals for Antanatel care?

Can you switch hospitals for Antanatel care? I'm nearly 17 weeks pregnant and struggling with my current hospital, I feel as if they haven't been that helpful. They haven't given me much information and I feel as if all my appointments so far have been rushed. The midwife hasn't really taken time to go through everything. I had a 16 week appointment today and the midwife didn't even check my blood pressure. I was wondering if it was an option to maybe switch hospitals. This is my first pregnancy and I'm extremely anxious as I have previously had an etopic and miscarriage last year. Any advice or answers would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you x

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I moved hospital to give birth in as I live on the boundary between two and one is newer with private rooms after birth. They are in different health trusts so getting transferred was a nightmare as my midwife was attached to my GP surgery not the hospital but it is doable (sounds like yours are hospital based which should make it even easier). As far as I’m aware it’s your right to chose where you are treated so I’d certainly see about moving if it’s going to make you feel better and get better care x


Thank you for the advice. Xx will definitely try


Im sure it will be difficult as most things are.

What i will say is my blood pressure was only taken at a few appointments. And i waa never really told anything, even when my wee was positive for ketones and protein they didnt tell me what it meant just carried on


Yes I will do. I found a number I can call to voice my concerns. Will be calling tomorrow and then trying to transfer


Yes you can swap. I contemplated doing this mid pregnancy and just contacted the labour ward at the hospital I wanted to transfer to. I was asked to complete a form. The transfer process probably varies from trust to trust, so worth finding out now.

I’d add that my midwife didn’t provide much info either, but I did have my blood pressure taken each time. Might be worth flagging up your level of anxiety (totally understandable) and if you feel like you’d like/need extra support ask to be referred to the specialist midwife.


Thanks for tips :)

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My sister did it a few weeks before she was due. The midwives were refusing her a c section, consultant said it wouldn't be a problem, midwives were telling her he was wrong etc. She went to her gp I think & it was sorted really quickly.

You can always switch midwives rather than hospitals thoughJust call the hospital & tell them your concerns x


Glad your sister had everything sorted. I would move the hospital completely at this point. This is my 3rd time dealing with them and I've always found the staff to be unpleasant and dismissive. I want to enjoy the entire journey so will definitely be transferring. Thanks for your help


That's how she found them. There was so much going on for her at the time, she'd had an emergency c section previously, gestational diabetes and her step daughter was extremely poorly in a London hospital resulting in her husband constantly being with his daughter so they desperately needed to plan so he could be there for both his wife & his daughter. But the midwives she saw just didn't seem to care. Extremely stressful for all.

Hope you get sorted ASAP & good luck with everything x


Why dont you call the hospital and ask to speak to the midwifery team leader. Ask her what is the standard appointment time, and clinical procedures and voice your concerns. Moving isnt a big deal but being a victim of an overworked understaffed, insensitive service is.

Even if you do move, not speaking out wont help the next disappointed woman or the midwives.

Wishing you all the best.


Thank you.. I will definitely be voicing my concerns as I wouldn't want anyone to deal with this either. I completely understand the nhs is extremely stretched and must be very stressful for staff but for such a delicate and precious process as being pregnant just doesn't seem like there's a basic level of care.


So sad, so not right 🙄


In my experience - two pregnancies at two different trusts, as we moved - I have found the care of community midwives to just not be of the same standard as hospital based ones. I am just so grateful my first pregnancy was at the better trust, as otherwise I wouldn't know what to expect and what questions to ask.

As a few people above have said, you should definitely ring up and voice your concerns. It might be the job these people do day in, day out, but that doesn't mean empathy and understanding has to slip, nor that your unique pregnancy should not be treated as the wonderful experience it should be. Definitely bring it to their attention that you are particularly anxious.

I don't really have advice about changing trusts, but wanted to reassure you that in my experience, hospital care is a lot better than community care. So switching midwives might be easier than moving hospitals entirely. Though if you just don't feel right, I hope it's easy enough.

Hope it gets better for you. Let us know how it goes because I'd be interested to hear what the process is like.


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