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Spotting at 23/24 weeks

I’m 24 weeks pregnant today. Last night I suffered with quite bad cramping pain, I couldn’t lay down, sit down or stand up it just ached. I woke up this morning and had a tiny bit of spotting... I phoned triage and done what I felt was best. I had a bath to soothe the pain. I’m just wondering if anyone else suffered with slight spotting at 23/24 weeks? This was my first experience with spotting and my first pregnancy so I’m a worrier!

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Check in with your Dr . Best to get it checked. 😀


I spotted at 23 weeks, never experienced it before then either. I went into be checked as I'm a worrier and they said baby could have irritated my cervix. This early they just listened with the Doppler and also checked to see where the bleed was coming from. From 34 weeks onward I was in nearly every week as I kept bleeding, was told some woman just do during pregnancy and I now have a 16 week old healthy baby boy. I'm sure everything is fine but I would ring your midwife and ask to be checked. It will stop you worrying too xxx

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Congratulations! I’m such a worrier, I was in tears, so I phoned the triage and they told me to just take paracetamol and to keep an eye on it. I had awful cramp and pain the night before so maybe she was just growing but I’ve felt movement from the baby everyday I just don’t know if it’s still worth to go to the doctors just to put my mind to happened Sunday but it’s such a worry! xxx


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