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We have noticed our LG gets a rash around her chin, neck- we put it down to dribble rash. But this last week it’s been on her back of neck and slightly on chest and back.

It’s like a dry raised raise, not itchy and she is her normal self. It appears once she’s eaten and had her milk (not every time though)

We have just noticed that she has a few patches on her hands and fingers, I’m going to book GP appointment tomorrow.

Could this be just a rash, eczema or an allergy to milk/food?

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My little one has the same and gp says it was baby eczema. Obviously get her checked out but I'm going by the fact that if baby is feeding and having wet/dirty nappies and things can't be too wrong...

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Yea that’s what GP always say, is baby is eating dirty nappies and well in herself, nothing too worry about.

I had baby eczema when I was a baby, so maybe it’s just that. I’m hoping it’s not an allergy to food/milk xx


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