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Pregnancy back pain - endo?


I’m in my second trimester and getting really intense back pain that comes in waves every few seconds during intervals through the day. It seems to get worse when out walking.

It’s similar to endo period pains but on a less worse scale. This is my first pregnancy, so wondering if this is normal due to stretching or endo related?

Did anyone without endo find the back pain really intensely painful?

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I started getting back/hip pain around this stage. I always remember there was 1 day and I was nearly enough in tears, I could hardly move, I was on painkillers had hot/cold compress on.

After this I did buy a maternity belt support band, which I wore most days and i found it worked wonders.

At this stage your body is going through a lot of changes and growing a lot, which cause a lot of back and hip pain. If your concerned I would contact your midwife, that’s what they are there for x

Militarywife7 in reply to Annh17

Mine sounds pretty similar, but I get it a few times a day on most days which is extremely uncomfortable and really painful. I expected back pain etc but not this bad. I've also got the hip pain too, thats a bummer aint it? ;) I'm trying all sorts of pillows galore at night. Thanks for the tip on the belt, I will have to look into getting one. I contacted my midwife and she said shes not exactly sure, but it could be nerve pain xx

I'm in the second trimester and have been getting severe pain in my abdomen and back, mostly on the right side. It's so bad it often takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes. My midwife thinks it happens when the baby gets into an awkward position over that side. I've had other aches and pains in my back which I think are just related to carrying extra weight now. I don't know anything about endo, so can't comment on that. It might be a good idea to speak to your midwife and get some reassurance.

You poor thing, its tough isnt it? I've been getting the pain on the right side of my back too. I can relate to how extreme the pain gets, I'm almost doing labour breathing to get through it ;) I called my midwife and she said it could be baby pushing on a nerve. I can imagine it will only get more painful for us as the babies grow. Thank you for your advice lovely x

Ive had hip/back pain too and im in the 2nd tri. It could be ligament pain or Pelvic Gurdle pain. The joys hey! Dont quote me on this but I thought Endo stopped growing during pregnancy?

Its so uncomfortable isn't it? I rang my midwife and she thinks it could be baby pushing on a nerve in my low back. Thanks for the pgp tip, definitely one to keep an eye on. Sometimes with endo you can get pains during pregnancy due to pressure being put on tissue etc. Hopefully this isnt the case and its something that will pass, although I suspect it will only get worse as baby grows ;) thanks for the advice xx

I had bad sciatica for a few days at 6 weeks and thought "oh god, 9 months of this!" But haven't had it since so hopefully this will pass too x

Thanks lovely, that sounds really painful. It was one of things I was researching, turns out I have Girdle pain! xxxx

Stretching ligament pain is normal, but get your urine tested for infection. Just pop into your Dr. 😀

Just posting an update in case it helps other ladies in the future. My back pain has started to get really intense now and generally struggling quite a bit. I have been told its pelvic girdle pain, and am being referred for physiotherapy to try and manage it xxx

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