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What did you eat at 5 weeks?

Just wondering if anyone tried to eat anything in particular?

Today’s menu includes for me:

Special k red berries with fresh strawberries

2 slices of white toast with 1 whole avocado

White rice, turkey breast and grilled vegetables.


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I ate normally and generally whatever I wanted throughout my 2 pregancies, just relax and don't stress about what you eat, make sure you're having your prenatal vitamins though xxx


I was terrible with my first it was all sweet stuff I ate and drank cola.... with my second I didn't eat much as I had morning sickness.... just eat normal stuff just relax xx


This week I'm living on birthday cake 😂


I just added 10 chicken nuggets to my list today! 😂

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Right now all I can think about is a Big Mac lol


I wouldn’t stress too much about it as long as you have your vitamins. I was pretty bad as I didn’t really fancy anything so ended up being quick and rubbish food. I did feel awful for not being a better eater though xx


I'm now 12 weeks and just been adding some extra fruit and veg to what I usually eat, which is normally fairly healthy with a couple of treats per week. Haven't really had any cravings yet but maybe that'll kick in later! Xx


Being in the kitchen made me feel quesy so I ate ginger biscuts for breakfast, picked on fruit throughout the day then had Saag Aloo from the indian take away for dinner. I actually lost weight through the firts trimester due to my restricted ability to eat.


With my first pregnancy I was starving from the minute I saw the BFP but I had a bit of nausea and that awful metallic taste. I just wanted fruit non stop as I was thirsty a lot but also craved that refreshing cold feeling. I ate lots of sandwiches and pasta at lunch. I'd eat lots of crackers and rice cakes throughout the day as meal times were just not enough.

With my second pregnancy Ive also been eating a lot of fruit. I've had less frequent nausea but went off lots of foods in the first trimester. I didn't feel as hungry but I love cold drinks and I like a Carby dinner. I've also had a major sweet tooth, which I've indulged a lot!

Thank goodness for my daily pregnacare supplement... I like to think it's balancing out all the not so good stuff I've been eating!


When I found out I was pregnant I was about 6 weeks and decided to eat salads and cottage cheese and spinach and all these healthy things then suddenly the thought of any proper food like that turned my stomach and it was KFC and stodgy pasta all the way. The normal eating cane back along with a monster sweet tooth! Like other people have said just relax, eat normally (defs don't deny yourself a treat or anything you crave) and keep as active as you can. Good luck with your pregnancy. Super exciting times!!! Xx


Don't worry too much lovely. I had bad morning sickness from wk 4 and most days couldn't keep anything down. One day I survived on mini pork pies & wine gums 😂


With my first I was more healthy eating. Fruit, veg salads etc. Second baby ive had loads of Mc D, sweet cakes, sweets, all DIET DRINKS THOUGH. More relaxed what you eat second time around and don't have time energy to always go food shop to get a healthier meal. Just make it vary varied as I did with my first and she has no allergies - i still beleive its because I ate such a veried diet


I did not change my diet as i am eating alright stuff.

Then during nausea (6w-18w around ) hardly ate at all.

Then afterwards with my son I craved meat , avocados, full-fat butter, cheese, jogurts (and he was 6lb1oz, therefore I dont see how fat diet made him so small and I gained 25lb)

Now with a girl I am craving more sweet stuff. Will see what size she'll be- now 39,5 weeks and I gained 18lb so far)

Good luck!


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