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HCG not growing much

Hi, the first day of my last period was 18th June so I should be 7 weeks 3 days pregnant today. I had a scan on 1st August and they saw a small gestational sac and yolk sac, but no baby yet. They think I was 5 weeks, not 6.

I had a HCG Beta Quantitative blood test on Tuesday and the result was 13157. I’ve done it again 3 days later and the result was 18296. Is it not growing as it should? Does it mean things are not progressing well?

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What did dr say I’m guessing come back in a week or two to see growth and do more bloods? With my last pregnancy I was 9w sac was abnormal shape and couldnt see a yolk sac my hcg was 17500 and was rising after 2 more tests to 23000 they thought it could be ectopic but eventually found a tiny yolk sac but it didn’t progress they did say the numbers weren’t good I had some bleeding but not naturally mc after 3w so I had a MVA.

Sometimes it just needs time to grow dates are wrong some people do have slower rising hcg etc.

Unfortunately have to wait it out which is the worst time. Hoping you have good news x


Thank you for the reply. When I had the scan last week and they saw only gestational sac and yolk sac, they told me it was too early and they asked me to come back on 14th. So I hope i’ll have good news on Wednesday. Why did they think yours was ectopic if they did see the sac in uterus?


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