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Labour help


I lost my mucus plug just over a week ago then since Monday I have been having back pain and cramps. Today my cramps are really bad and my back kills. I can barely move, my breasts are heavy and sensitive. Laying down does not help my back. Im also feeling very sick and have a headache, Do people think it is labour or am I over thinking?

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Have you seen a doctor since losing your plug? I would go into hospital and get checked as you could be risking infection. Hope you are okay xx

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Not since last Friday, I saw my midwife yesterday but she refused to do a internal examination to see if anything was happening but the period like cramps are worse today

how far gone are you....I would defo get your self check incase of infection thats the last thing you want xx

I'm 36+6 and my husband is unsure, I think he believes I'm faking it :( x

I would get your self checked out you cant lie about something like this you might end up with an infection if it is your mucus plug.... I lost mine at 37 weeks and I constantly got my self checked and I went full term..... hope your ok xx

I will I'm going to ring and see what they say x

what did they say hun xx

They said I'm in early labour but can continue at home, I need to ring when contractions get closer together and stronger and or my waters break.

Thank you for the advice Xx

I hope it goes well for you when the tine come to give birth xx

Thank you x

how you feeling hun xx

Still contracting but not going anywhere, was checked at 12 (lunch time) yesterday and not dilated. I have been contracting now for a week I'm needing it to stop :( my back is killing me x

I hated having contractions I thought they was the worst part about labour.... I hope it wont be to long for you... can you not relax in a warm bath see if that helps xx

Had one yesterday and it helped for a little bit, wanting to start the inducing process lol xx

I dont blame you.... im sure it wont be long now xx

I got told to take even primrose oil capsules so I took one of 1000mg at 11.20 am this morning. I'm now getting period pain from hell, I know it wont work that quickly. I also brought some pineapple and got my birthing ball out. Fingers crossed she comes soon xx

I hope she comes soon for you.... I will be looking for your update to say you had her xx

Thank you x

how you doing hun xx

Been in slow start of labour since the weekend only been today that they have started to get closer together told to still wait it out at home. I'm hoping to have her here before friday :) fingers crossed, I'm labouring really slowly xx

finger crossed for you I hope she comes real soon xx

Thank you, I do as well. Xx

how you doing hun xx

Still no sign of baby girl and still in pain but no midwife will help, just being told to take paracetamol and have baths x

blood hell you been in labour long I feel for you.... suppose you can't do anything till your waters break xxx

No I asked my midwife to try a sweep on Thursday but she said were I wasnt 38 weeks she wouldn't do it. I'm 38 weeks today though so on tuesday when I see a different midwife I'm asking again x

did yoh ask about a sweep today hun xx

Yes but they said no again and wait until thursday :( x

really I thought they would of done it today for you xx

Me too but I am in more pain today than I was so hopefully things will pick up on there own if not my hubby has arranged child care so he can come to my appointment with me and he said he is going to make sure something is done to help me x

fingers crossed for you xx

I gave birth to a 5lb 12oz baby girl at 7am this morning, thank you all xx

awww congratulations been waiting to hear news.... hope you are both doing ok xx

Yes I'm a little sore but are both well, thank you x

awww bless you massive congratulations to you and you partner now enjoy your little girl xxx

Thank you we will xxxx

how you doing you enjoying mother hood xx

Yes, thank you. How are you?

im good thank you xx

Hope the pain is manageable. Can you maybe do all the things they suggest to get labour going? A long walk (if you can), bounce on a ball, curry, pineapple, raspberry leaf tea,sex?

My baby came at 36 + 6. Lucky for me labour started after my waters broke so didn't have to deal with contractions for as long as you.

Keep active and it should get going. Good luck!

Thank you, so far I have tried bouncing on my ball, pineapple,curry and evening primrose oil. They are manageable to a point. On Monday I would have been having these pains for 2 weeks :( x

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