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Morning sickness

Does Anyone have any little tips on how I can take the edge off my morning sickness..

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Some people say to have something next to the bed for before you even get up like dry crackers.

I munched on ginger nut biscuits from around 6-11 weeks and they helped me most days.

Try to eat little but often too...


Hi, I am using the travel sickness wrist bands and they seem to be helping. It maybe a placeno effect but whatever works! xx


I eat ice pops, they seem to take the edge off for me plus I get some fluids out of it too and a friend if mine used gaviscon 🙈 different for everyone.

I've tried ginger biscuits and they didn't work for me just hate the smell of them.

Dry crackers or table water biscuits can help I think they're called 🙂

Good luck!


I had to take antisickness medicine


Anything with ginger or mint will help settle your stomach x


Mint helped me a lot, eating as well I know you don’t wanna because of feeling sick but you’ve gotta eat small amounts and remember it gets easier, mama sea bands, and eat what you fancy don’t eat because people are telling you to eat healthy that put me off food more because it wasn’t what I wanted even though I went mad on fruit at 9 weeks, bland plain food pasta and rice as it’s also heavy and settles the stomach making you feel fuller for longer which means you can stop the icky feeling a bit longer hope any of this helps


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