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Elective C Section

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Hi. Looking for some advice please. I’m 44 and 15 weeks pregnant with my first child after my fifth IVF cycle worked. I’m seeing the midwife at my GP surgery tomorrow and was wondering if this is the best time to mention that I want a C section? Also am I going to have to fight to get one? I feel very strongly that this is my only chance to have a child and I’ve been through a lot to get here and I don’t want anything to go wrong. Anyone been through similar please? x

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When I saw my midwife at 10 weeks we went through the birth and what I wanted e.g birth centre or labour ward so I guess it wouldn’t be too early to mention it. Better to mention now than later in case they ask you to see a consultant or something x

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Thanks I will definitely bring it up tomorrow then xx

Hi you can definitely discuss with her but be prepared that they won’t be supportive as they always keen on natural birth. Also you might want to check with her if you can actually have c-section as I am not sure but I think unless there is medical reason they won’t do it.

Thanks. I’ve been pointed to the NICE guidelines and every woman does have the right to choose but whether they actually allow you to without a fight is another matter! Maybe my age as a first timer will be enough reason.

I was told as I was 40, IVF and previous miscarriages I would be under consultant lead care. When we met the consultant for the first time, she said induction at 39 weeks. Being new to us, we didn’t say much, I asked about a water birth and she said that I could maybe use a pool for pain, but that baby would have to be monitored.

Having researched, I don’t want to be induced early, be in labour for days and then end up having an emergency c section and hubby not being there!

Asked the midwife and she didn’t want to comment on what the consultant had suggested, but said that it is our choice and to go armed with information.

We appreciate that sometimes medical intervention is necessary for the safety of both, but my pregnancy has been pretty much text book, so we’ll have to broach the conversation with them on Tuesday!!

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Yes I am facing this too. My friend implied that in this scenario an elective c-section might be considered, although I don't actually want one (prefer a natural birth if at all possible).

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I know what you mean. I almost want to say I can understand not wanting to let us go overdue and if that does happen then could have an elective c section, but like you, would prefer natural..

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So you want to go for a C section too? It sounds like you are being looked after well. At what point did you meet your consultant?

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Met the consultant at just under 18 weeks, but then seeing her at just under 29 weeks. I wouldn’t say she was particularly helpful to be honest..said they don’t give out leaflets anymore, so to look online. In reality, I’d like to go for a waterbirth. Next appointments are 32 and 36 weeks, but it’s with a different consultant!

Going overdue and then encountering problems is exactly what I don’t want to risk. I’m not afraid of pain I’m just afraid of unforeseen problems. Getting booked in for a c section and knowing that there will be a medical team ready to deliver on a certain date would be such a relief to me.

I think it's going to be the luck of the drawer as to whether or not they will put up a fight. Midwives generally do prefer you have a natural birth so will definitely try to encourage that. I'm assuming you will be consultant led so it's probably worth speaking to the consultant rather than the midwife.

Please do look into the risks though. I haven't had one myself but have close friends that have. They come with their own challenges and certainly aren't the easy option. There's definitely nothing to say you won't have complications as it is major surgery after all.

Good luck x

Hi hun, congratulations first of all, I'm 41 and now expecting twins I suffer blood clots etc and I'm high risk, I've had 5 kids by natural birth. All under the consultant. However I've been told if all is well through my pregnancy I will be having mine naturally, they will not give c-seaction unless it urgent.

All I can say is good luck and remember to do what's best for your baby and don't put your baby at any unnecessary risk. Xx

It’s worth looking at all the options available and keeping an open mind, just go with it, and do what you feel is best for you and baby. I was 42 in May this year and had my first baby. I was high risk due to age and bmi being 34. I had been losing weight on slimming world just before I got pregnant 😆. I was classed high risk, closely monitored under consultant care and because of possible IUGR and she was Small. Originally they thought 27 weeks, then 30, then 32 , 37 but I made it to just over 38 weeks and she was 5lb7oz. I was induced twice but both failed as body was not ready, I didn’t feel the contractions just had a bit of back ache.They don’t recommend someone over 40 years old going full term because of possible higher risk complications, so advised induction. After 3 days babba was not liking the poking and prodding so they decided as my body was unresponsive a csection on the 4th day. I was out of hospital within 24 hours. She is now 3 months old and 10lbs. Wishing you all the best in your pregnancy and enjoy the journey, try to relax and not to worry about it until the time, all will fall into place. 😊

Just state that you feel strongly that you want an elective.I was 39,conceived naturally and one hospital was pushing for me to have a natural birth.I changed hospitals and got an elective no problems.Its entirely your choice.At 36 weeks was when they made the decision I could have it and it was the best decision.

Just remember,they will push for you to have a natural birth but at the end of the day you’re entitled to have an elective so it’s entirely your choice.x

Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences. I guess I need to keep on reading and talk to my consultant. And stop worrying! x

Vag births are No1 choice as its safer for everyone. Sections are not without risks, that's why medics so pro vag birth not anti section.

There's more than one way to skin a cat. Get your obstetric team onside. Dont insist on a section ask your consultant. Would you consider an elective section. Just get the conversation going.

I know it's important to you and you need to trust your instincts about this. Present your case and see what happens. All the best.

I have had both an emergency csection and an elective one and my birth experience was so much better with the elective, and the recovery was easier too. The reason for the elective was because of my birth experience with my first. I was induced, went to the pushing stage but still ended up having an emergency csection. When I was pregnant with baby number 2 I was adamant I was going to have an elective after everything I went through. My consultant supported me and I didn't regret it. I would do your research and if it's what you want, don't be afraid to ask for it.

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