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Sleeping in heat for newborn


Sleeping for newborn in this heat. How is everyone making sure their baby stays cool in this heat?

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Great post... I’ve just been reading about it... too hot to sleep right now lol. So a cooler bath before bed time, fan, and they can sleep in just a nappy or short sleeve vest if it’s like 27 degrees... 😊😊

Gem1982 in reply to destiny121

Great thanks for reply! My little one is fast asleep and I should be but this heat is keeping me awake !! And now it is thundering!

MissEd in reply to Gem1982

I think you can only do so much, our room didnt drop below 26.5c all night! My LO is 6 month but slept in his nappy with a thin large muslin over him as he is quite close to the fan. He slept fine! I on the other hand had the worst nights sleep ever!

Gem1982 in reply to MissEd

I was the same as kept watching her to make sure she was ok!

My boy was a newborn in last year’s heatwave and i remember being so worried about him getting too warm.

He needed swaddling to sleep so I just put him in a thin cotton swaddle and his nappy. Now he’s 14 months and he slept in just a vest last night.

Leave the window open and/or put a fan on with a bowl of iced water in front of it for a few hours before bedtime to cool the room down as much as possible.

Gem1982 in reply to kt_11

I’ll try the bowl of water next to the fab tonight! Thanks!

I found this helpful last night when thinking about this for my 6 day old x

kt_11 in reply to Pootleflumpet

Ooh congratulations! Seen your posts on here before but didn’t know you’d had your little one! x

Gem1982 in reply to kt_11

Thank you! I still can’t believe I am now a mummy! X

Pootleflumpet in reply to kt_11

Thanks kt_11. Yes, born 5 days earlier than we’d expected but birth went well and he’s absolutely scrummy. Been in a bit of a newborn/breastfeeding bubble since 🥰🥰


my lb is 6 months and I just slept him in a vest and I had windows wide open and he slept soundly I was just checking him to make sure he didnt get cold ..... he even slept through the storm..... me on the other hand had a bad night sleep with this heat x

Gem1982 in reply to Hidden

My LO slept from 10 til 3am and I had to wake her for feed . I could have got shut eye then but only managed an hour!!!

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