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I've not had any signs of ovulating any help please we're trying for a baby had implant removed 5 weeks ago I had a period on the 4th July until 8th july

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Think you probably just need to give your body time to get back to normal after the implant

I had an period on the 4th July aswell

Give it a bit more time it took me about 6-7 weeks after implant removal before I had a period so might just take a while to regulate. Then we got pregnant immediately in my next cycle!

boobear17 in reply to Babypud19

I had a period at beginning of this month from the 4th to the 8th

Babypud19 in reply to boobear17

I edited my response to say it might take a while to regulate. If you're worried go to a doctor as I don't think many people on here are trained medical professionals.

a period doesn't mean you're ovulating, buy the ovulation strips if you want to see for yourself. if still nothing go to your GP however they wont intervene if you haven't been trying for at least a year

With my first I got pregnant on my ovulation day- all physical signs were there.

With my current pregnancy there were no signs of my ovulation after having first child... none at all. My period started 7m pp and could not figure out why I can't distinguish when I ovulate...

and the scans this time suggest I ovulated either a day before my period or day after period 🤷 some women ovulate 2 x month... 🙈

Either try to look for physical signs or buy ovulation strips!

Best of luck!x

Like other have said it might take time for everything to regulate, also not everyone can recognise ovulation unless you are very good with checking and understand your discharge ( I could never do that). At the same time even if you ovulate and have sex on the ‘right’ day it doesn’t give you 100% guarantee that you will get pregnant. I have been tracking my cycle by checking BBT and doing ovulation tests so I could confirm ovulation to the exact day but even so it took us few months of perfect timing to get pregnant, and we were lucky to convince so soon as it can take longer. What I am trying to say try to enjoy trying for a baby and just give yourself time, hopefully it will happen for you soon.

I stopped taking my pill 3rd June and had a period 4th-8th July as well! I’ve now had a flashing smiley on the clear blue opk for 6 days in a row now!!

Hi hun I had the in plant in for a year and then had it removed it took me 7and half years to get pregnant but best to sorry for this but have sex and for half hour after lying on ur bk with your legs up on the wall like a L shap done me it gives the spirm chance to try and reach you inside hun x

hi i had the implant in for 1yr it got stuck in my arm and i had to have sergery to get it out.

once having it out we wanted to have a baby and its took 3 years for us to find out i was pregnant but we now have a lb and were so greatful

That was probably your withdrawal bleed your next period might take a while to regulate just have regular sex if your period comes then try opk. I thought I had a regular 28 day cycle but been on bc forever couldn’t remember didn’t take notice previous. Coming off bc my cycles were 23 days ovu on cd 10 eventually stretching to 25 ovulated on cd 12 before conceiving.

I had implant in for 6 months yea will do thank you

I had the marina coil in for a total of 9 years (swapped after 5 year) to stop my periods as i was told i couldnt have more children after problems with my ovaries it produces the same hormone as the implant i got it taken out in febuary 2018 and they told me that if i was able to concieve it could happen from us having sex the day before it was removed. We fell pregnant in april 18 and our baby is nearly 7months old. So basically your fertility returns to normal as soon as its removed. Just give your body time x

boobear17 in reply to Mumof3xx

Yea that's what the nurse said to me 3 weeks after I had a period and I was due to ovulate on the 18th but no pain like I normally do

Mumof3xx in reply to boobear17

Everyone will be different though and i feel like when they tell you things like that it gets your hopes up that you will fall pregnant quickly and when you don't it makes you worry which causes stress and that can have a huge affect on your body. Buy some ovulation tests and i found an app called flo really useful it helps work out the best time to conceive by your cycle.

I hope you get your positive test soon keep us updated x

boobear17 in reply to Mumof3xx

I will do xx

Hey there, boobear17. How are you? I hope you finally got a positive test. I'm trying to conceive after removing my implant too. As Mumof3xx said, I do regular ovulation tests. I tried Clearblue and Pregmate strips as articles on easytobemom.com/ suggest. I'm also using ovulation apps like Clue and Flo for almost two months. Still no luck with the baby. It would be nice to hear any update from you.

Hi yea im 10 weeks pregnant now have our scan In a few weeks all I can say is keep trying and it will happen just I tend to see it as don't think about it just go with the flow and we conceived as soon as we stopped trying

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