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Numb hips at night! Help!

Hi there

Looking for some advice. I’m 22 weeks pregnant and am suffering at night time. I go off to sleep fine but wake during the night with what feels like numb/dead hips along with calf cramps!! It seems to be getting worse too. Usually I can stop the cramps before they actually lock in but the dead hips/legs are getting to me now. I have to get up and walk around to relieve it and I can feel the after affects all day! I use a long pillow to cuddle into and elevate my legs too. Other than that, my pregnancy is going well and I feel really well, it’s just night time!! Help!!! TIA

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I’m 35 weeks and I suffer with this too!! I think it’s just from lying in the same position and the added weight from baby!!

Get the cramps too but more in my feet and thighs 🙈!! Xx


I have started having this for about a week now. I seem to go off to bed nice and comfy and I also have a body pillow to support the belly but I’m noticing every morning around 5 o clock I’m woken up with a numb/dead feeling in the side of my hip and a lot of cramp in my legs that I just can’t seem to get rid of. I have to try sitting up but I can’t ever get back to sleep...your not alone aha!



I'm 28 weeks and started feeling numbness in my hips too mostly when lying on my left side, not as severe as you or the others described it. But what I have been doing which helped is every time I wake up even if not fully I will try to make myself switch sides to distribute the load on both sides during the night. I've been doing that all week and it seems to have stopped me from waking up in pain on a regular basis. Also do some leg stretches in the evenings, I spend maybe 5-10 minutes just trying to stretch my legs out straight that might have helped too


Thanks for your comment. My trouble is that I change sides but the pain in my hip is so bad I have to get up and rub my hip to get the circulation going again.

I’m glad to see that I’m not alone in this problem just wish there was a solution. I never had this with my daughter and sleep only became a problem during the last few weeks due to being uncomfortable and needing a wee. I don’t like the thought of another 17weeks of restless nights!! I don’t want to moan either xx


I'm 19 weeks and also having a similar problem. I get to about 4am and then get pains in my hips and knees from lying on my side. Have been sleeping with pillow between knees and feet on a pillow but doesn't really help. Told my consultant and she prescribed a calcium and vitamin d tablet, but this hasn't made any difference. I've also been doing pilates to no avail. I'm more or less resigned to it but would be thrilled to hear if anyone has a remedy ☺


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