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When to stop working


Any fellow teachers? I'm trying to figure out the best time for me to stop work and start maternity. Due to financial struggles it's looking like I will only be able to take 18 weeks maternity so I really want to have as much time as possible with baby. Baby is due January 31st, is it possible to work right up to due date? Almost all the first time mums I know went overdue on their first baby and I really don't want to spend weeks of my maternity leave without a baby. Any advice is appreciated!

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I suppose you'll never know when your baby will be born unless it's a planned c-section... So no real advice here... Maybe I am an exception, but my first child was born 39+4.

Good luck dear!x

The longest you can work is 2 weeks prior to due date, that’s the regulation. I am the same like you want to work as long as I can and as I mostly work from home working up to my due date is easily manageable but you have to go on leave 2 weeks before your due date.

Really?? Oh no! Can I ask if you know who sets that as regulation? x

No idea it is not set by company as it is standard whenever you work so I guess is set by government.

Just seen other comments so maybe it is just mine company best if you check your maternity policy.

Im due on the 20th November. Our October half term is 17th thats too early to finish...I'm hoping to go till the 8th November and go back a week before the summer officially for transition and such

Btw there is no regulation...you can work up until your due date if its possible!!!!

Kitcat12 in reply to Supergirl87

Great! That's good news 😁 Unfortunately I just can't manage on SMP alone so after the 18 weeks of 50% pay are up, I'll have to go back 😞 trying desperately to find a way to go back for the last week before summer (same time as you!) but just not sure we'll be able to swing it financially. Best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy! How are you finding work? I'm only 11 weeks and I am beyond exhausted and fed up!

Supergirl87 in reply to Kitcat12

Im 21 and yeah I've not really coped its been hard :(.

I've saved 50 pounds a week that's the only way i can afford to take that length of time off..SMP is a joke!!

You get more for being off sick!!

Its up to you, but my lo came 2 weeks early and he was my first with no issues so i wouldnt advise working up to your due date!

I was a teacher before having my children. I worked up to 2 weeks before my due date, but the last week was February half term, so I had some marking to do for GCSE and A level coursework but no lessons to teach. If you keep fit and active work as long as you can, say you want to work up to your due date if baby comes early there’s not much anyone can do about that! Babies don’t have a calendar in the womb, they don’t know what date it is!

If I'm right, you can move your last day of work forward but not back. That is, if you say you'll work up until your due date, but a few weeks before find it's all too much, you can finish early, but you can't do it the other way round (hope that makes sense?). It's a right pain for us teachers as we lose all our holiday when on maternity, unlike most places of work where you still accrue your holidays. X

I’m due 4th Nov and hoping to work right up to half term. Which is only 1 week before (all being well). Like you I’m assuming the baby is more likely to be late so hoping to take my chances. Good luck

I'm not a teacher and I now work for myself so my lifestyle is quite different to how I used to work. However I'd just thought I'd mentioned that I am still working (due on Monday) and apart from making sure I do take rest and not to do things that I don't need to be doing (no mad nesting clear outs), my energy levels and mind is still working great. I would even say that working distracts me from just waiting for the baby to arrive which I think would drive me crazy! I also like working, where as some will just want to have a break sooner rather than later.

Our hypnobirthing course taught us that statistically only 5% of babies arrive on their due date and something like 80% arrive after.

If you decide on a later maternity leave and the baby comes earlier, what happens? They surely have to start the maternity leave and pay sooner?

Perhaps have a think about how your general health and energy is and perhaps look up the statistics to help make your decision.

Good luck!

I'm due 19th October and I'm planning on starting my maternity leave on 4th October. The Maternity Cover Teacher is starting in September so we will be co-teaching until I leave which is nice as I'm sure I'll need lots of breaks. Teaching can be so exhausting and I don't imagine it will be any easier towards the end of pregnancy. I also plan to return the last week before summer, mostly as I will have no money at all by then!

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