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12 week screening blood test


Hey folks

Did anyone else wait a while for their blood results of their 12 week screening test? I say a while, it’s only been a week but the nurse said to me that if it was good news I’d get a letter within 2-3 days, if it was bad news I’d get a phone call. I’ve not had either, and of course because of what she said I’m worrying.

I have called them a couple of times but it’s an answer machine and they haven’t called back yet. Was hoping you ladies could reassure me.

Everything else from the ultrasound side of things was healthy.

Thanks x

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Is this blood test for the downs screening?

I had it at my 12 week scan and I’m sure mine took longer than 2-3 days. You could always ask you midwife as they can speed the process up x

Arya10 in reply to Annh17

Thanks, yes and I think it’s for something else too? Can’t remember. It’s the midwife I’ve left messages with. Wish she hadn’t said 2-3 days! Thanks xx

Annh17 in reply to Arya10

Yea, could you try your doctors too see if they got your results.

I’m sure everything is fine, just not too panic, these days they can tell on the scan if anything is wrong. When we had ours, I think it’s the fluid around brain, if it’s between a certain number. Did their tell you what yours was? x

Arya10 in reply to Annh17

Yeah I might try my GPs. Was that the NT number? That was 1.3. She said all the measurements were good. x

Annh17 in reply to Arya10

Yes it is that, if I remember rightly I think anything lower than 2.6 is low risk x

Mine took about 2 weeks but they said if it was bad then I would hear in 2-3 days x

That makes much more sense! It’s not what the nurse said but maybe that’s what she meant. thanks so much x

I think it took a week+ to get the mail.

Try not to worry!x

Arya10 in reply to ChrisWest1983

Thank you x

Thanks very much everyone for making me feel better - midwife called back this morning saying all the results are fine :) xx

I wouldn't worry if you haven't heard anything to be honest. I didn't get a letter but that's because they messed up my name on the test so they gave it to me when I went in for my scan 2 weeks later. If there's an issue, they'd definitely call you. The 12 week blood test is normally for hiv, stds and general blood checks.

Arya10 in reply to Naijagirl1

Oh no re the mess up! I’m used to things like that happening as I have an unusual surname so I was slightly worrying they mixed up.

Thanks so much for replying - midwife called this morning to say all the results are fine :)

Hi hun,

When I had mine they said if it was bad news I would hear in a few days- good news about a fortnight. As they say- no news is good news so if you’ve not heard back yet then it’s probably likely to be low risk... I know it’s hard but sit tight!!

Arya10 in reply to Mnblkjh

Thanks so much for replying - midwife called this morning to say all the results are fine :)

If you haven't heard from then don't panic it's good news I had a phone call 2 days after as if come back high risk for Down's syndrome but I had my baby 4 weeks ago and he does not have downs x

Arya10 in reply to Emilylouise-

Thanks so much - midwife got back to me this morning and said all the results were fine. Awwww, congrats on the arrival of your little boy ♥️

My nurse told me that the letter will take between 2-3 weeks not days

2-3weeks more like it.

Wouldn't bother going to gp either as they are unlikely to have access to the results, ultrasound etc and know how to input to obtain the risk as midwives deal with it.

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