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Living with my in-laws, first time parent with a 10 month old


I have a 10 month old baby boy. And I live with my boyfriends parents since my son was 3 months. But it’s been hell. I’m a first time mom so u can imagine what they say. I can take advice from anyone but when they try and tell me how to raise my son that’s when everything changes. I’m getting to the point where I want to say something rude but out of respect for my boyfriend and his family I stay quiet. They always want to control everything. What i feed him, what he wears, how I should educate him. If I tell my son no. My mother in law will get in and say something. It’s so hard to keep up with their life style. Any advice ?

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Poor thing. Wish I had some advice for you I’m going though the same thing . It’s like I could of written this my self apart from I don’t like there . My in-laws even tell us where to move house to , what schools we should move near to, even down to what injections we shouldn’t give my son. She only likes my son in white clothes and comments if a green colour doesn’t look good on him. She even has a list of what she wants him to learn and even language she wants him to learn. If I tell him no or not to do something she say oh he’s only expressing him self. If I tell her not to give him something like her computer to play with she doesn’t it . Every thing he eats has to be organic. She reads ever label and will pull me up on things if she doesn’t like what in the food. And don’t get me started on giving him vitamins as there is not enough research to say they are safe. And calpol is a big no no to them. It’s so hard I really do understand. As I don’t say anything as I don’t want to upset them or my husband. I feel when I go there they are watching me lol. Sorry my rant is over . Just wanted to let u no your not alone xx

Move out??

What an awkward position. Could you ask your boyfriend to have a word with them? In laws are bloody annoying as it is, I'd go mad if mine were telling me how to bring up my family!

If you feel confident enough, could you have a calm word? "I appreciate everything you've done for me and my son, but it really upsets me when you condradict me when I'm disciplining my son?" Something like that, I mean it's just bloody annoying that your Mil feels the need to butt in.

I hope you get some kind of resolution soon.

We had our apartment & lost it. Rent went up I had recently had my son. I was not able to work anymore. So we end up moving to LA with his parents. It’s been a rollercoaster ever since. We are currently saving money to move out. My son will be a year next month. So hopefully we can move soon. At least I’m not alone & other people go thru this

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You will get there. Keep strong for that little bit longer xx

My friend had to live with her parents for the first 4 years of her sons life and it was a nightmare.

No one ever said no to him because his mum would tell him no and then her parents or sister would undermine her.

She ended marrying a friend so she could move out. It all worked out and everyone is happy.

Just move out as soon as you can cuz it will only get worse!

im currently living back at my mums with a 3 month old and its so hard i mean i get all the support i need but its really hard living back with my parents now i have a son

For me it's the other way around! I love my in laws, so helpful with my 7 month old, it's my own mother and grandmother who are hellish! They live in Ireland and even try and tell me how to parent through facetime, like why is he crying? What arnt you doing right for him? Or when there both together they snigger and laugh at something I've said or how I choose to parent my son and then act like I've just said something crazy. So frustrating I just bite my tounge! It's a bit easier for me though as I am not living with them!

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