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Work issue now I’m pregnant.

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Hi all.

Can anyone advise ,

I told my employer that I am pregnant , we managed naturally just. Afore our first IVF Cycle so she knows how precious this is.

However today , I have been allocated a massive area on top of my current workload. So technically my responsibilities and workload have doubled.

Apparently the regional manager putthis in effect and my boss had a explained she didn’t want me under any undue stress due to my condition and the regional manager apparently said ‘she’s getting paid isn’t she’

( I’m not sure whether to believe my boss or no)

However this is already causing my stress thinking about the overtime , the work calls out of hours , the paperwork I need to update as the previous manager for that area did nothing at all and all the paperwork will be audited by a government body , also the new services / area is out of expertise I have never worked within that client base before

I have been detrimental to this company staying afloat , always at work, never time off , my manager members needs to do anything as my services run perfect so I’m really unhappy and feel like I’m being pushed out ?

Is this even legal ?

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go speak to a union rep as i had to when i was pregnant as your only meant to be doing stuff you can manage to do hope this helps

I don’t think I have a union ?

Look up the union for your job sector. You can contact the union for advice even if you are not in the union. For instance if it’s retail... that union is unite / usdaw

Government union is unison, etc.

Hope this helps you, you have rights!!!

I would just work your usual hours. If it doesn’t get done it doesn’t get done. A company would have to be extremely stupid to reprimand a pregnant woman.

Worst case scenario, go to your GP and asked to be signed off. Your employer will have to make reasonable adjustments in your return and, if they don’t, you can pursue them on the basis of their unreasonable behaviour. Probably not the way you want to have to go but it’s possible to fight fire with fire

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