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CRL measuring small (9 Weeks)

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I had a 9 week scan yesterday, I was exactly 9 weeks for the scan but the babys CRL was measuring at 8 weeks 4 days. I know my conception date exactly as we had IVF so we can pin point this accurately.

The consultant didn't seem concerned and said this is within the normal range, and that the heart rate had increased etc which is a positive sign.

I cant seem to find a lot of information via google on this and wondered if anybody has experienced similar?

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Was this at the hospital rather than the fertility clinic? My dates at the hospital were always different to my IVF date. Also my midwife was adamant we were going to be re-dated at the 12 week scan but the sonographer said she wouldn’t as it’s IVF. I wouldn’t worry as it’s only a few days and at this stay it’s not as reliable for dates and measurements so I was told xx

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Yes this one was at the hospital, my first scan was at the hospital and second at the IVF clinic and both of those were measuring correctly apart from my 9 week scan. Thank you for the reassurance, can I ask how many dates short you were measuring? Everything is such a worry at this point, I will feel a bit of relief once I get to 12 weeks xx

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I think it was a couple of days and then the midwife was telling me my due date was 3 days earlier than my IVF date so it was all a bit random to start with. I had lots of scans because of bleeding so was given all sorts of dates lol. Hopefully by 12 weeks it would of all caught up xx

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Thats so strange, I didn't think they could change it as the date was so accurate via IVF. They never really explain things properly like the advice you ladies can give. Thank you for sharing, feeling a bit more relaxed now :) xx

Hi, I was short at 7 weeks (IVF too) by a couple of days and then when I went back 3 days later (they wanted to check fluid around my ovaries) I was over by a couple. Things are still small at this point and innacurate I was told a a week either way is fine. By 12 weeks we were 5 days ahead and although we had IVF they moved my due date 🤷‍♀️ In the end baby was born at 7 days early from moved due date and 12 days early from IVF date yet was a healthy 8lb 5oz 😂 I wouldn’t worry too much and try to look forward to your 12 week scan x

Thank you so much lovely, this made me feel better its all such a worry at this point and they never explained it was quite common. I feel like I will be more clued up now if they change the due date, thanks for filling me in beforehand as i would have been baffled due to the accuracy of the ivf dates. Hope you and your little one are doing well x

Hi I wouldn’t worry I gad few early scans and each time the dates were slight different. At such a early stages it can be challenging to accurately measure and each little inch makes different of days. It should catch up in few weeks

Thank you - appreciate the reassurance. I have my scan next week so im eager to see if its caught up :) x

Our ivf due date is 23rd October, but the hospital date is 24th from the 12 and 20 weeks’s a nerve wracking time, but they would have said if they were concerned x

Thanks for sharing lovely, im feeling a lot better about it now. Our 12 week scan is next week so im eager to see if its caught up, I think I will be a nervous wreck before. Hope your pregnancy is going well :) x

That’s understandable.

We paid for a 16w private scan as the 12-20w was too long in my head!

The 20w scan was the first that I think I actually relaxed at and enjoyed watching..even had a little tear 😊

My early scans always measured a couple of days behind - they always said there’s a range at that stage so anything within range is fine and also scans aren’t too accurate early on. By 12 weeks we measured 2 days ahead. Sounds like the consultant was happy with your scan too. Hope this reassured you a little. Xx

Thank you lovely, it really did. I feel a bit more clued up going forward about the sizes etc x

I wouldn’t worry at 12 weeks they all measure the same and that’s where they get the more accurate date from my 7 weeks I measured 6.5 and my 12+1 measured at 12+3 don’t stress about it

Thanks lovely, needed the reassurance and felt really glad to have you girls for advice. It put hubby at ease too as we were a little upset wondering if it was a uncommon x

At my 12 week scan they changed my due date from 19th August to the 14th as going by size of baby although I had IVF and the first date is what my fertility clinic gave me so really that would be the correct one, but the hospital changed it.

Ah thats so confusing, I would be mentally sticking to the same date in my head even if they changed it. I would be on edge nearer to the due date wondering if it would come on the ivf date or the alternative date haha the joys of pregnancy eh? x

I know, but none of my babies were ever on time, always late...and this time round am having a c section so will be earlier anyway... good luck...

At my 12 weeks scan they have changed my IVF due date from 30 October to 21 October 😂, so don’t feel alone xx

Thats so strange, would have never thought that. I guess they change the due date depending on the babies size. There is so much I dont know, this is my first 😂 at least I know what to expect xxx

This is my first too, and getting crazy with all the info and other stuff to learn!

I also guess they change the due date considering the baby measures, as IVF conception should be sure 😂

Hello, I see this is an old thread but I hope everything turned out ok? I’m measuring a few days behind with an IVF baby and it’s making me nervous x

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Hi, yes our little one caught up on the next scan and measured correctly on all scans going forward. It’s a worry time when you get that information but it seems like it’s happened to a lot of other ladies which gives reassurance that it’s common. I’m sure it will be fine 😊 xxx

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Thank you so so much for your reply. That’s so reassuring and I’m so happy to hear all is well with your baby. Looking at dates you must be due soon so wishing you all the very best of luck xxx

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You’re welcome, it’s always such an anxious time especially when it comes to our little miracles. Glad I can offer some type of support 💖 Yes my little girl is due in 5 days, time really flies towards the end 😊 thank you, wishing you all the best in your pregnancy xxx

Oh wow you are so close to meeting your little girl! Thank you again for replying so quickly, you really helped put my mind at ease. Wishing you all the luck for a quick and easy delivery xxx

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