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Almost 5lbs at only 31 weeks!!!

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Anyone else had a massive baby? Had a growth scan today and baby was on 98th and 99th percentile for belly and head size, weight was estimated at 4lbs 14oz Have been booked in for gtt. Has anyone had a big baby and been told it’s to big to give birth to so had c-section? also what are people’s experiences with gestational diabetes? I just have no idea what’s going to happen now as have to wait for test next week then wait to see a consultant so would love to hear others experiences

Also is first baby so never given birth before


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My baby was born at 10lb 1oz. We had no idea she was going to be that big. I always measured fine when doing my belly so never needed growth scans. I did have a c-section but think that was more being induced etc rather than her size. My cousin has had big babies too and naturally xx

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At 10lbs 1 did your baby fit in newborn? I’m panicking now as have bought loads of new born stuff and everyone joking that will need bigger clothes! Xx

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We had clothes that said up to one month which weight wise was up to 10lb but she fitted in them for a while as they loose a bit of weight in the beginning. Don’t think we had newborn clothes which I think only go up to 6-7lb? But may be wrong xx

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Okay thank you xx

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I also had two glucose tests and they were both negative x

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Yeah, fingers crossed they come back negative and don’t want to have to cut out sugar 😂

We found our 9lb 6 baby didn’t fit into newborn vests. Shops will usually take stuff back if it’s unworn and unwashed, I would consider swapping some stuff for a bigger size as they’re in newborn for barely any time anyway and it all dries very quickly so you probably won’t need that much in newborn. We used mainly up to one month or straight to 0-3.

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I was measuring big and was sent for growth scans which predicted that he was large and had a large belly. Had a GTT, which was normal but then repeated the whole process a few weeks later when measuring big still. I.e. big scan prediction, big baby belly, GTT test normal, final scan at about 37 weeks said baby belly was normal though, and current size 8lbs. I was worried they would suggest induction early or c section due to size but because not diabetic they said risk of shoulder dystophia was same as any other many and they would be happy for me to continue midwife led care up to 40+10. I went to see consultant prepared for a battle to avoid induction having done research on shoulder dystophia (no more common in large or small babies) and scan prediction accuracies (+- 20%) etc but in the end wasn't necessary. Now I have my snuggly 5 day old on me. he was big as predicted, 9lbs13oz. I did end up with emergency c section but not because of issues with size just slow to progress.

The newborn outfits were too small for h though. Currently in some 1 month Mothercare size stuff that fits well.

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Wow that was a really big baby.

I had gtt twice during my pregnancy and were both negative. My baby was always measuring big and was 8lb 11 via c section but that was down to a failed induction. They did say when he was here it was likely his head size that stopped him breaking my waters xx

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That's very interesting. Interesting that they came up with such an assumption, because My boy was 6lb1oz, cone head baby and never broke my waters (midwife did, when the pushing stage started)

My last child weighed 3.4 kg not that big and I delivered normally my waters never break on all three children the doctor has to break it.

If you're really worried about waiting for the gtt it may be worth asking if they can do a different test. When my baby measured huge at 33+5 (6lb 1oz) they were going to send me for another gtt (first one at 28w was negative), but was so worried they just did a one off random blood test on the spot instead. As long as your glucose on that test comes back lower than 7.8 then they won't bother with any other tests. I got my results later that same day and it was negative. I was also told by a midwife that so many women now are having large babies without GD these days that hospitals end up wasting huge amounts of money on loads of tests when maybe 1 a week comes back positive.

Most big babies come out without issue, I was 10lb 11oz and my mum got me out in 7 hours, it's babies position that matters more than anything.

Also these measurements are not all that accurate, there's about a 30% margin of error, so you could still have a small baby.

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Thanks, not really worried about the tests was more worried about giving birth to a massive baby xx

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Ogtt is the gold standard in diagnosing diabetes in pregnancy cause it doesnt only look at fasting but also the 2hour test after the sugary drink ... my local hospital will di a finger prick first if that's very high will not bother, otherwise they proceed to the full ogtt because it can still be positive with a normal fasting glucose.

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The one off test I had was 2 hours after eating and they were more than happy with the result. No need for any further tests.

EDIT: The diabetes midwife said if the blood test back above 7.8 then they do a week of monitoring. If it's lower then it's fine.

I was sent for loads of growth scans, we were routinely over 90th centile, gtt was negative, so no diabetes, they just expected him to be big, I was induced last week at 39 weeks, after the scan estimated he would be 9lb4oz, I had him 2 days later and he only weighed 8lb. The estimated weight at scans isn’t accurate, they serve more as a guideline as they depend on the accuracy of the person scanning

My youngest sister's second baby was 10lb, she gave birth at home in a birthing pool, no suspicions of big baby, no gestational diabetes. My other sister was told she had GD, her babies were 9lb something I think, both vaginal births. Mine were 8lb12oz and 9lb5oz but vaginal, no GD.

Don't let them scare you. Talk to a doula for reassurance, my friend Tracey Sealey of Birth Sense (Google her) would be able to offer you lots of advice and empower you to have the birth you want. Measurements are so often wrong. Xx

With my first I had undetected gestational diabetes as I grew very big at 35 weeks and they tested me too late so I had to have an elective c-section and she ended up getting stuck even then and she weighed 9lb 13oz. But with my second they picked up on my gestational diabetes when they tested me at 22 weeks so I went to regular growth scans and he was estimated to be 9lb 7oz at 38 weeks but ended up being only 8lb so sometimes the growth scans can be wrong as well. I was really worried having a section with my first but it will be ok if it comes to that. And gestational diabetes seems like such a scary thing. I cried so much but if anything it made me eat healthier and I ended up losing over a stone in weight after giving birth from my first weigh in weight at the midwife appointment, which was a bonus.

I measured fine during pregnancy but they always said he’ll be big as I had extra scans due to a heart condition.

I was induced 8 days early not due to size but because of the heart condition, and he was 8lb 13oz. So not the biggest baby anyone has ever had but still big!

He is 12 weeks now and is outgrowing the 3-6 months clothes that I thought he’d go IN now!

He completely skipped the newborn clothes I’d bought him which was a bit sad... and outgrew the 0-3 months by 8 weeks as he’s tipping over the 100th percentile.

In terms of birth, I had a 6lb boy, a 6lb and 6oz girl, and this 8lb 13oz bot now.

I had to have an episiotomy with my first, tore badly with my second (labour too quick with second for that) but nothing with No3.

All births were natural but my third was the easiest birth I had!

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Your story is so encouraging ❤️ thanks for sharing!x

I had a growth scan at 32 weeks at baby was 5lb 6oz they weren’t concerned, got another scan at 36 weeks

My baby was 9lb 6oz. I was measuring big at the midwives but because I was following the same pattern each time (and my GTT was clear) I wasn’t referred for a growth scan. I tried to give birth naturally and got to the pushing stage no problem but it felt like she wasn’t going to come out without help and this bit went on too long. Baby got distressed and I Ended up having to have forceps and an episiotomy (in theatre in case I needed an emergency c section)- obviously difficult at the time but 4 weeks down the line I’ve recovered pain wise, but would definitely consider a c section if I get pregnant again! xx

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I was referred as went from being normal to way above the average line in 3 weeks, im only small myself and first baby so am hoping for a c-section but by the sounds of things lots of people have continued to give birth naturally 😳

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I’m Sure you can do it as people do, but may just need some extra help (like I had) if things take longer than expected! But if you definitely want a c section you can make that choice and just book in for an elective one- I think it’s important to remember it’s your birth and you should do it how it’s right for you, unless medical advice needs to be prioritised!xx

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And remember, it’s he head that’s the hardest part to get out. My 6lb boy got stuck with his head... he was teeny and still I struggled to get him out. My 8lb 13oz was a right bruiser when born but easy (if birth can ever be ‘easy’) to get out as after the head the rest of the body just follows.

If you end up with a natural birth I’d recommend not thinking too much about giving birth to a big baby and how it’s not going to go well. Positive thinking! ;-)

I was told I was going to have a huge baby but he was only 7 pounds 13 in the end. I had to have the gtt but all was ok. I think sometimes the scans get the weight wrong. Good luck xx

You should be offered more growth scans before you have to decide if you need a c section. Also they may prefer to induce you at term or a little early rather than c section if baby does seem like he or she is going to be big x

I was measuring right on time and my son was 8lb 11oz I had him naturally epidural didn’t numb my private’s just my legs so I felt everything this was my third baby but my first boy his shoulder got stuck in me and the ripped him out of me 😭

My boy was measuring big at 36 weeks (8lb3oz) and no one seemed concerned. They told me he’d be big for me but not big in general so they didn’t do any other follow ups. He came out at 10lb 4oz at 40+4 and I’m not big at all. My labour was very quick and great until my boy got stuck. There was absolutely no way I could get him out and I was too far gone for a section. I had a team of doctors trying to assist and it could’ve ended quite badly for both of us. Luckily it didn’t although my boy ended up in neonatal for a week as a result. I’m currently pregnant with #2 and the hospital have said if this one is as big as #1 then they’ll induce at 38 weeks and they said they should never have let me birth my son like they did. As long as the hospital are keeping an eye on you which it sounds like they are then you’ll be fine. Some people can birth big babies and others may struggle. Unfortunately you won’t know until the time. I was very naive with my first but will definitely push for an induction (although I don’t really want one) if this baby is heading in the same direction xx

I had 2 GGT as baby was measuring large, all come back normal. At 36+5 baby’s estimate weight 8lb1, they booked me in for c section at 39+5 LG was born 8lb8. So these measurements and growth scans aren’t always right, (I was told baby would be 10-12lb) we had to go out and get smaller clothes.

Also my cousin, 2nd birth, she was having growth scans, as told having a small baby, he was born 8.14, so I don’t believe in these growth scans x

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