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Suddenly large baby, no gestational diabetes or polyhydramnios at 34 weeks. Outcomes?

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Hey I am 34 weeks today. I had a scan 3 weeks ago and babies estimated weight was around the 50th centile with a slightly large abdominal circumference in the 90th centile. I had tested negative for gestational diabetes at 28 weeks, so no one was too concerned at that point. But I had another scan 2 days ago and baby had grown massively! Estimated weight is now 93rd centile and abdominal circumference is above the 97th centile. Everything else was normal, no polyhydramnios and I had another GD test which came back normal.

I was a big baby born at 41+3 weeks weighing 10lb 9oz and both my older siblings were over 9lb (mum never tested positive for GD) so is this just genetic? I'm 5'8" (68") with short legs (28") and a extra long abdomen with a wide pelvis (still plenty of space in there) is baby just growing to fill the space? I'm worried because the growth has happened at such a rapid rate. Can anyone else relate? What was the outcome? Is baby likely to continue growing at this rate?

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Baby's AC is big. I mentioned polyhydramnios because I've read a study which links large fetal AC with polyhydramnios.


I was having growth scans all throughout as babies belly measuring large and weighing big aswell.

I was under consultant in the end, who said I would be induced, on my last scan babies estimate was 8lb 1 at 36+5, saw consultant day after, who said the safest way of delivering baby is c section.

I was devastated about this, but accepted that it was safest option

So baby was born 39+5 and weighed 8lb 8, which was a a lot smaller than everyone thought, but babies belly was quite wide.

She has grown into it now.

If there’s anything you would like to know, please ask x

My friend was measuring weeks ahead of what she was nearing the end of her pregnancy she was in and out of hospital something to do with baby heart racing but all was fine.

My little boy was measuring around the 40th centile at the 20 week mark. All of a sudden my bump started to grow so I too was sent for the GTT. It came back negative twice. I had a growth scan at 36 weeks and he was weighing in at 8lb 3 and his tummy and head were off the charts. When he was born at 40 weeks he was 10lb 4. I’m not big - size 10 before falling pregnant. The health professionals were not concerned at all but looking back, they should have induced me at 38 weeks and they admit that now. My husbands brother and sister have all had babies over 10lb so I’m putting it down to genetics. I’ve no idea how big the one I’m currently cooking will be so all I can do is wait and see.

You will be absolutely fine either way and if they have any concerns then I’m sure they’ll look to induce. Just make sure you push for another growth scan to put your mind at ease xx

Hi! At 30 weeks I measured 15th centile and then at 33 measured at 75th. Try not to worry yourself and chill until they next measure. The measuring is very inaccurate, depends on which way baby is lying and could have just coincided with a growth spurt.

2 measurements do not suggest a trend.

This is my second and I had the opposite problem last time- they were worried she was small but came out at exactly 50th centile.

They’ll ask you to keep going back for scans but that just means you get to sneak more peeks at baby! All will be fine xxx

I’ve just had a growth scan at 32 weeks and baby has gone from 50th centile to 90th centile in 4 weeks. They weren’t concerned, just said baby was going to be big. My son was 8lb 6oz and born on his due date, I’ve been told that I’ve got to have baby early as I’m over 40 so hopefully baby won’t get that big, baby also may slow down in growth over next 4 weeks, I have another scan at 36 weeks


at 34 weeks they told me my baby was already around the 7lb 7oz mark, two weeks later he had jumped up to 8 and a half pound. He was born at 40+6 at 7lb 3oz. I tested negative for gestational diabetes. It is just an estimate so don't worry too much. Also, it is better to be growing well than stunted. My midwife and friends with kids said they are wrong a lot of the time. X

I has growth scans at 35 weeks they said my baby had a big head and was about 6lb 7oz i have birth at 37 weeks to a tiny 5lb 2 oz baby so they can get it wrong x

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