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Early signs labour is close


I’m sure this is posted millions of times. But I’m going crazy wondering when it’ll happen.

I’ve started with period like pains in stomach and back. Upset stomach past couple of days. And obviously I’ve been going wild on google to check every little symptom.

What was everyone else early signs of labour starting. I was induced first time, so I just got sudden and intense contractions.

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Hey, everyone is different I never experienced any if those with my two girls. For my eldest I started with the 'show's the night before and the slight back ache. But it wasnt until 6pm the evening after that labour pains started 1hr 55 mins later she was born. My youngest was totally different. I started with bad stomach ache (my body clearing out) the day before then at 5am the next morning my waters were going slowly then at 6am the labour pains started by 8.48am she was born.

Take each day as it comes and try and exercise if your near due good luck x


I had period like cramping for a week or so before and also had an upset stomach! I also had the show over a few days before I went into labour. I spent the whole time googling as I was nervous about what to expect- even though it is a cliche when you’re in labour you definitely know about it! Good luck xx

Yes i had both of those. Exciting times


I had the odd period Pain in the front, but all of my labour pains were in my back. The main sign of my labour was the stomach clearing and losing large parts of my mucus plug, once that started the contraction pains started around 3 days later. Got to the point in pain where I couldn’t move or speak, phoned the delivery suite as was actually due to be induced the following 2 hours, turns out I was already 4cm and 14 hours later my little boy was forcepped into the world !

My labour started with contractions at midnight 5mins apart, within 2h it was 3mins apart. Thought I'll give birth then, but then it slowed down. Lost mucus plug 6pm. Water broke before pushing stage. All together it was long 26h!

I think each labour starts differently.

Good luck!


my labour started with contractions then and hour later my waters broke then and 2hours after they broke I had my baby boy x

everybody gets different labour pains good luck with it all xxx

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