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Nappy bags and hospital bags

Hi there,

I’m keen to hear people’s recommendations re the brand of nappy/changing bags they’ve bought and actually found useful. I don’t want to spend a fortune but equally don’t mind paying a bit more for one that has the most useful/user friendly design/compartments.

Also, I’d value opinions on what those ladies with new babies found to be the most essential items in their hospital bag, please.

Attempting to get organised as only have 6 weeks to go!

Thank you 😊

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I originally got one that matched our pram which at the start was fine but after 6 months or so kept falling off my shoulder when picking baby up as more wriggly. Ended up buying a back pack off amazon and love it. It’s called HoHope changing bag xx

I’ve bought a lovely black and while striped one from amazon, £15. I wasn’t expecting much but it came and it was fab, pockets on the outside, an over shoulder strap, long strap for over the body or over pram handles as well as the little Velcro straps to hang it high on the pram handles to avoid kneeing it whilst walking, thermal bottle holder and changing mat inside it. I love it. My best bargain so far

I actually just bought a Skip + Hop changing station. And then I'd put all other baby stuff in my bag (I prefer carrying a backpack for days out). It's the best baby investment I made. You've got your nappies, wipes and sacks all in one place and an easy to wipe changing mat. You can change the baby anywhere. Think I got mine for about £20.

We got one with the pram which is just a plain grey one so the hubby uses that if he is out and about at the moment. I have a Cath Kidston one that I love. I bought it in the sale so it was quite reasonable. It has a detachable changing mat and compartments for nappies and wipes. Mine came with a matching handbag too so I use that for keeping my formula dispensers, dummies and bottles in when I’m out and about. For your hospital bag make sure you pack plenty of maternity pads and breast pads, vests and babygrows for the baby, a little hat for as soon as baby is born, slippers that you can step into and don’t need to be bending to put on, a light weight dressing gown, phone charger because you’ll want to take hundreds of photos and you’ll be inundated with messages and some snacks. Dark chocolate is good for your iron levels ;-) xx

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Really helpful, thank you x

I'm a second time mum and I work for m&p, this time round I got a back pack one from Amazon. It cost £23 and I couldn't recommend it enough! It's not even got a brand I don't think but there are hundreds of similar ones on Amazon. It's got lots of pockets and its black with gold zips, I'm not a snob but I wouldn't use it if it looked cheap or tacky.

I use the skip and hop changing bag also it’s perfect and all you need.

Everything else is in my baby bag. I ended up buying a more expensive one as I figured I use it everyday. I just take out muslins, toys, dummies, snacks (for me currently)

Hospital doesn’t need to be anything special. You’ll only use it once so go with something you already have.

Nappy bag- pacapod, Tiba and Marl are nice. Decided whether you want a backpack or shoulder strap. You can spend loads of money but I never really used any of the features. I preferred a large tote back with a zip up ouch for changing stuff.

Hospital bag contents- hair bands, lip balm, flip flops, couple of night gowns you don’t mind binning, a waterproof bag to bring home laundry in, lavender essential oil, pads, socks, ear plugs, change of clothes for you and daddy, paracetamol, dry shampoo. Cartons of juice, flap jacks. Pack light. If you’re in for more than 1 night people can bring you things in as you need them.

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Thank you 😊

I love handbags - And figured if I’m carrying this one bag with me for 2 years I want a nice one so splurged on a Jem and Bea tote. It’s beautiful and very practical - great size as I have a lot of stuff with my twins.

I bought the changing bag to match the orange, face found it good as quite large and has a few elasticsted compartments for nappies etc but not many. It has waterproof pockets on the outside that can slip bottles and milk in and of easily which is great and the part I use the most!

I was the same re hospital bag but ended up not needing half what I thought I would need for the labour as contractions came fast and furious so didnt have time it the concentration to do anything. I found having jelly sweets useful although couldnt lthink of eating was encouraged to have something, lip balm and a comfy nightie for the delivery. I used the birthing pool and just wore a dark vest in it, changed into my nightie when came out. For after a few dark pair of pyjamas and thick maternity pads. I actually liked the ones that hospital gave me as were thick and cushioned me rather than the thin ones I bought myself! I wore maternity leggings too which were comfy and elasticated soft nursing bras. I also was desperate to shower and wash my hair after and wanted my hair dryer and straightners!! Took gentle shower gel so didnt sting! For baby I had cotton hats but they were too big and not warm enough so hospital gave me woollen ones. I would take a couple of different sized vests and babygrows as my wee one was much smaller than predicted. I took the number 1 size of Pampers although didnt use many in hospital. Def phone chargers! I felt my husband needed to be more thoughtful what he needed as anything I didnt have for myself or the baby the hospital would have given me but they are not allowed to give the men anything!

Good luck, hope everything goes well!

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Really helpful, thank you x

Hi, I bought a matching bag with my Silver Cross Buggy and car seat set, it’s great and has lots of compartments, very happy with it for when I’m using the buggy it’s easy to hang over the handle bar. However it is a bit bulky and when I don’t have the pram to use then I’ve been using a rucksack as it’s easy to carry on my back and practical when on foot and visiting people in the car. I’ve just separated everything with IKEA food bags, i.e. nappies, spare clothes, nappy sacks etc. However I’ve seen some really good rucksacks in John Lewis baby department near the prams- with lots of compartments which I would have definitely bought had I not bought one already. Hope this helps!

This is a great video about what to pack in your hospital bag, follow Emily and watch her other videos, she has some great tips:

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Thank you x

Hi. I looked around for ages to find the right changing bag. Like someone said above, as it would be the only ‘handbag’ I’d be using for the next few years I decided to get one that kinda doubled as baby and mummy bag (but still ok for daddy to carry) I went for the StorkSak Poppy. You can change the straps so can carry it as a backpack or over the shoulder. It’s a good size without being too big.

As for the hospital bag, what all the ladies have said above, plus, people can always bring you essentials if you stay in longer or if forget stuff, so don’t worry too much xx

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