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Anyone have some experience with this in pregnancy? I have to go for additional scans with suspected polyhydramnios at 38+2 and Im worrying a little

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Hi, I had this when pregnant, wasn’t a concern I had numerous of scans regarding this. What’s worrying you?

RossyD in reply to BabyChunk

I think the unknown.. ive made the fatal error of googling and its flagged rhesus disease amd as Im RhNeg and have to have injections to stop this its concerned me. Meeting again with MW this week and waiting for scan date x im poss too far gone to do anything about it just the unknown worry

BabyChunk in reply to RossyD

I’m rhesus negative as well and didn’t have any issues with that, wasn’t even mentioned. I also googled it and was not mentioned once by any dr. Have you got gestational diabetes that’s another reason for it. There wasn’t anything behind me having extra fluid they just said she passed urine a lot.

RossyD in reply to BabyChunk

No no sign of GD either x


I have this at the moment and know exactly what you mean. At 29 weeks my AFI was measuring 45 and my bump was off the scale. Mine is very severe and I have undergone a number of scans, blood tests and an amniocentesis and as yet they have not found a cause. It is more common than you think and you more often than not the babies are born with absolutely no health problems at all. I had an amnioreduction at 30 weeks as mine is so severe and they removed 3 litres of fluid. I am now 31 +5 and have a follow up scan today so we can see how quickly the fluid has accumulated again. They don’t think they will get me to 37 weeks.

If they were really concerned RossyD I’m sure they would have talked about inducing you so try your best to relax. I’m sure your baby will be perfectly healthy, just make sure if your waters break you get straight to hospital. Xx

Andrea08 in reply to Hidden

This sounds very similiar to my first pregnancy, I was the second most severe case they'd seen at my local hospital. I ended up having 3 amnio reductions at 27, 31 and 34 weeks. The fluid would always come back after 36 weeks they just said it doesn't matter if the extra fluid brings the baby now and I didn't feel like I could go through another reduction! I ended up being induced at 39weeks but this is because we did know our daughter was having issues. But these were picked up in the 20week scan x

VMgrace in reply to Andrea08

Hi Andrea. What issues did your daughter had?

RossyD in reply to Hidden

Im more concerned as we are planning a home birth :( may not get that now but what will be will be I guess xx thank you for your positivity

Andrea08 in reply to RossyD

I hope you can have the birth you planned but prepare yourself that you might have to give birth at the hospital to ensure baby's safe arrival. If your waters do go I was advised to get on all 4s with bum in air - attractive I know! But apparently the extra fluid can mean the cord comes out with the fluid which isn't good. Don't mean to scare you sorry xxx Good luck with the birth you'll be amazing!

I’m 30 weeks pregnant and a couple of weeks ago my AFI was between 95-97.5 They got me in last week to do GTT and torch tests but everything has come back normal thankfully. I don’t see my consultant for another two weeks (ivf pregnancy with blood clotting disorder and recurring miscarriages) so I’ll see what they have to say then but before they ordered the tests they said that it may just be “one of those things”

Ps, I haven’t read of it doing any harm to baby only that she may have to come a little earlier xx

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