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Breastfeeding Milk Flow

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My baby is going to be 9 weeks in a few days, he is quite a healthy chunk and is hungry all the time. I really don’t want to give him formula but feel I’m constantly feeding him and he’s not full for long. Any suggestions to increase my milk flow and make my milk thicker creamier would be great 👍🏽 thanks

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They go through phases of constant cluster feeding so just know that it won't be like this forever! You're doing the best for your baby so just keep it up if you can.

The way I got my baby to go longer was by topping up feeds with milk I expressed. So I'd express milk whilst feeding him. My friends/family/visitors could always give him a bottle in the morning if they came over to help (people love doing that and I got to sleep!). I'd top up one of his midday feeds and I made his last feed of the day a big bottle of my milk (often given by daddy) followed by breast until he was asleep. Then he'd go a good 4 hours (which allowed me to sleep!).

We're over 16 months into our breastfeeding journey and still going strong. It does get so much easier so presevere if you can. Best of luck.

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Hi. Thanks, sometimes the soreness and constantness is all a bit too much but I don’t want to give up and really want to persevere!!! Thanks so much for the advice it’s great to know it does get easier, Tks!! I am expressing but hardly get much so that daddy can give a bottle in the evenings when he gets back from work, but still he does try to let me have an hour here and there to rest, with this little one being so small and demanding it’s wearing me out a bit. 4 hours sleep sounds amazing!!! What are you topping up with?

Go you....16months that’s awesome, oh I pray my milk is enough for him !!

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I top up with milk that I express. I started off only getting a bit of milk but when I did it often I could get around 4Oz from one boob. I know some people get loads but I could never get more than that really.

It's good to express after a warm shower or just after holding a warm flannel on your boobs. Also quite soothing! Oats, bananas and almonds helped get my supply up, plus a fenugreek supplement.

Good luck and happy to help if you need anything.

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Ok Tks, I just can’t seem to find the time to express so can only do it once in the morning and once in the evening. Let’s see if I can do it more often, then I’m sure that one weaker breast my son won’t go on should improve.

I need to try a warm flannel, not looking forward to it as these postpartum sweats are not fun!!

I do eat oats and almond not enough bananas and have just ordered some fenugreek so I pray these work to increase the flow.

Thanks so much for the advice. Will do ☺️

Hi. I know what you're going through momma. I'm on baby no. 3 who is 1 month old so I decided if I get through the first month then I'm not going to worry about milk flow etc. Most important thing is not to stress out. Easier said than done but when you are about to feed him then take a few deep breaths and relax as much as you can. Foods that help with milk supply are walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, all nuts but avoid peanuts. Also eat more eggs, avocado -they are all healthy fats and protein that make the milk creamier, eat more fruit but avoid citrus as it upsets baby's tummy. Try to drink at least 3 litres of water a day as it helps produce more milk. Cut out coffee or stick to one cup a day.

A lady on YouTube suggests pumping one hour after each feed to stimulate production.

Always remember one thing - fed is best, regardless how. So if you need to top up with formula do it before bedtime so baby is full and you can get more sleep. After all you need to be happy and healthy too! Sending my support to you 💐👍

Hiya well done for making it this far. It really is harder work than we think isn't it.

I can only reassure you that what your experiencing is perfectly normal. So many women take this behaviour to mean they aren't satisfying their baby and that's just not the case. Breast feeding works by supply & demand, baby demands by feeding & your body ups your supply. As long as baby is putting on weight, and has plenty of wet nappies your good basically.

I struggled with my daughter, she was a constant feeder & it stressed me out. Within a week she was on formula. Second time I was more clued up, better prepared & we are still feeding at 10months.

If your sore perhaps some shields could help? I had a few blisters at one point so they helped while the blisters healed. Then there's the usual lanolin cream, or even your own milk on them & get some air to them.

Set yourself up with some snacks, a drink, a good box set & enjoy those snuggles 😊 xx

Quite common to have growth spurts around 8/9 weeks. In hot weather babies want to feed more often as well. As you’ve been feeding a while your supply will be well established so don’t worry if you don’t feel as “full” between feeds. Boobies are magic and amazing!

If you’d like support have a look for a local feeding group or look up La Leche League on FB. You’ve doing a great job and there’s no need to supplement with formula unless you want too.

Make sure baby is fully draining the first boob before you switch to the other one to make sure they get enough hindmilk and make sure you’re getting enough fluids too

I hear you!! My boy is the same. 11 weeks old and demanding food every 2 hours - 24 hours a day! It's like he's got an alarm clock!

I was experimenting with ways to combat his horrible night trapped wind and began giving a bottle of formula at his 11pm feed. By morning my breasts were super full and I was able to express a good amount off one while he had breakfast on the other. The freezer has quite a collection now! I didn't want to give him formula either but as someone else said a fed baby is the key, no matter how and we're so quick to guilt ourselves. I figure 150ml of formula a day isn't anything to beat myself up about. We've enough to stress and it without creating more!

I found this article the best EVER at explaining the fore/hind milk situation.

Should you want your baby to be getting more of the fatty milk you could always express off a little foremilk before each feed, but I'm sure your baby is getting everything it needs. As long as you're getting a good number of wet and dirty nappies each day then he definitely is. Good luck and I'm sure it'll get easier soon. Xxxx

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