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Flying with 4 week old baby


My parents live in Crete and are wanting me to go and visit in August with my 5yr old and my newborn. She will be 4weeks old on the dates we plan on going. (I’m being induced so she will be 4 weeks old, no worries of going over my due date)

I’m not keen on the idea of going due to worrying about her getting poorly, all the agro of sorting sterilising stuff etc... a pushchair that’ll be safe to use while there.

The heat is a big issue at that time of year.

Who else has taken their young baby abroad, how did you find the flight? Sterilising etc... any advice, warnings...

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I’d be worried about all those things too, that and the fact you’ll still be very much getting used to a routine. Prioritise yourself and your little one.

Can your parents not come to visit you?

JNDuce12-13 in reply to Hidden

My mum is coming over when I’m due to have the baby as I’m on my own, so she’ll be helping with my son. But they are just eager for me to go there. I think ill just have to tell them that I’ll book flights nearer to the time if I feel happy taking a 4 week old abroad. X

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Sounds like a good shout to me, playing it by ear.

Hope all goes well x

You should also consider how long it takes to get the baby passport I don’t have any experience with that but of course you must allow time for getting picture done and application process. Personally I will not want to travel with such a small baby, my family lives in Poland and even if I would have to worry about all the baby accessories as my sisters have 2-3 year olds and kept all the stuff for my visits still I will be waiting until the baby is 3 months old just so it is easier on me and the baby, but this is just personal preference of course.

It is probably best to wait until she can regulate her temperature and her immune is built up. Also, ideally she would have had her immunizations as recommended by most doctors because although it isn't really an issue here. Abroad they have different regulations and maybe vaccinations are not as important to them. I know Crete had a low vaccine rate at one point a couple of years ago. X

You're travelling on your own?? I think that's not really wise tbh. 1. Passport l, mine took a week for my first 3 weeks for my second. Guess you could pay extra for urgent one

2. Vaccines as above

3. What if you or baby have complications?

I dont rginj the heat is that much of an issue... they have babies in Cyprus too, but you will probably have to spend the worse of the sun times indoors.

I would say getting the passport would be the biggest issue. You have to register their birth, get photos taken and fill in all the forms. We managed this and had the passport back when my little one was 6 weeks old. We were going away when she was 8 weeks which was fine but any earlier would have been a real struggle.

Honestly? We’ve (DP and I) just taken our 7 month old to Cornwall (9 hr drive) and it was/is insanity. He doesn’t like the travel cot so he’s refusing to sleep. He screamed most of the way. We packed so much stuff but still had to order more Muslins and bibs (reflux). I’m breastfeeding so nothing to sterilise but that would be at least one extra bag. We ended up with 3 cases and 5 plastic bags. And now we are here there’s really not loads we can do anyway because we daren’t mess with his routine! If you do decide to go - make sure they are prepared to help you by entertaining the 5 year old while you nap with baby etc. On the plus side you won’t have to worry about cooking or laundry!

I agree it’s very early to be flying and there is the whole passport thing to consider. Also I was induced then waited 4 extra days for my baby to arrive! X

Rachypants87 in reply to LHow81

I went in on 26th December and mine didn’t come until 3rd January 😂

Not only considering all the points above re baby not being in a great position to fly, have you considered that you will very likely still be bleeding? And very high risk for blood clots? Also if you need an emergency section you’ll be unable to fly? I’d wait until baby is 12 weeks.

We flew when baby was 3 weeks old and it was a doddle compared to flying with a toddler 😂 We were mostly breastfeeding but did a bit of expressing and bottle by boiling equipment in a pan, old school and perfectly effective. We were told baby would still have natural immunity and there was no reason to worry about taking him on a plane. You can take a pram I think but we just took a wrap and went with baby wearing for the week as it was easier. We went somewhere cold so didn't have the same challenges weather wise but we figured people in hotter and colder countries have babies so it's doable. Maybe ask your mum to be prepared with an AC unit or fan to keep baby comfortable when indoors?...if you would like to go that is.

We didn't book until a couple of days after the birth though. Wanted to see how we felt. X

We’re flying with my little boy at 8 weeks old, I’ve already got his passport I applied online you can also take the photo yourself and it was back within a week. I do agree about immunisations though, depending on airline you’re allowed to take 2 bits of baby equipment with you so the pram wouldn’t be an issue and then need to pay for anything extra. I would also take into account that just because you’re being induced doesn’t mean it’ll go to plan, I went in to be induced and after 4 days ended up having a c section. I think do what’s right for you and your children once baby is here x

I'd be more concerned about their little ears and all that pressure change and all the germs they'll be exposed to. Just me I think, I restrict visitors for bubbas first month and wrap them in cotton wool 🤣 I understand they're excited and want to meet the baby but think they're being a bit selfish. Putting this pressure on you to feel obliged to go. Last thing you wana be doing with a 4 week old and young child is flying, stress packing coz you've hardly slept and organising a passport when you're learning how to be a mum of two. I'd just focus on all that and maybe go visit in October half term, when it's a bit cooler for baby too x

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