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Bleeding after birth.

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How long did everyone bleed for after giving birth? I’m 6 weeks post baby and I am still bleeding. 🙄

I have days where i think it’s about to stop and can get away with wearing a panty liner and other days I need to wear a sanitary towel.

I’m fed up with it now!


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im like that... my boy is 4 months old and out of those 4 months ive stopped bleeding for a week and half but I aint bleeding heavy its very light and has been hole time..... you could all ways go see your gp and see what they say xx

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Yeah mine has never been heavy either, even straight after giving birth. I’ve got the six week check at the drs next week so I’m going to mention it then. Thanks


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I think they say 6 weeks and if its more than that to speal with gp or health visitor. I could be wrong though! Speaking to your gp at 6 week check sounds like a good idea

It's usually a sign that you're over doing it and need to rest up, definitely check with your GP or health visitor though. Take it easy for a week and see how it goes xx

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About 8/9 weeks before I could stop wearing panty liners completely. You’ll get there x

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the 1st night was really bad, but after that was a small amount of blood. Everyone told me to stock up on pads, as will need them, but I didn’t. After about 4 days, it was just like spotting, then had 2 weeks nothing, then stomach cramps and heavy bleeding, lasted about 5 days and that’s it

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