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Puffy ankles after a c-section

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My little girl is currently in nicu so obviously spending a lot of time sitting in a chair by her bedside. But my ankles/feet are getting quite puffy. I do try and get them up as much as possible but any other tips?

Thanks x

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Mine were puffy and swollen for weeks after my c section. Just keep hydrated and legs rested. Hope your little girl is ok xx

It's quite normal for your feet/legs to swell. Mine lasted almost 2wksand and not a lot you can do apart from getting them up and drinking plenty. Hope everything is ok 🙂 xx

I was really active and mine still puffed up! My husband rubbed my feet with oil by like pushing the water back up towards my knees if that makes sense? (Midwife told me to do this) I found it made a big difference the next day. Might be worth a try if you have anyone who can help ☺️ Xx

Mine were the same I sat mine in cool water took the swelling right down, I also did a lot of sitting down as my little girl was in NICU.

I had puffy feet for about a week or so after I had my little boy, which was a natural birth. He was in the nicu and i made sure i stayed hydrated and kept them elevated when I could.

Hope you’re little girl is doing well. The nicu is an amazing but stressful place! Make sure to look after yourself too. X

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