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Partner feeling baby kicks?

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Just wondering when other people could feel your baby kicking, I started feeling baby regularly kicking around 21/22 weeks, I’m now almost 26 weeks and my partner puts his hands on my belly every night desperate to feel, just wondering how long till he should feel baby kicking


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I can’t remember when my hubby felt it but she always stopped when he went to feel a kick x

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Yeah that happens to me too x

my hubby felt our little boy kick when I was 33+ weeks and he only felt him the once x

Its easier to predict when your baby is going to move after you realise that they have a pattern of movement since you’re now 26w (e.g. moving more during the night) and then ask you partner to feel. However some babies freestyle and their more harder to catch, but basically baby moves however he/she wants😂😂

Omg doing exactly the same with my husband now (I am 21 weeks) I could already feel with my hand on my belly but he is adamant he can’t feel maybe his expectations are to high and he expects footballer kick lol 🤣

I'm 28+6 weeks and my husband still hasn't felt baby kicks, baby always stops moving when he goes to feel.

Hi.My hubby didn’t feel our baby girl kick till I was 36 weeks as every time she stopped kicking when he went to feel her kicking! xoxo

Our baby would always know when daddy put his hand on my tummy, she stopped. As soon as he moved it, she was kicking away again. I think he only felt it once, but in the last few week, he saw her moving around x

They can be such pickles. My LG would be kicking like a monster for ages and as soon as my partner came near she'd stop, even when I tried to film her it's like she knew. But I got to about 27wks by the time he managed to feel her but it wasn't often, it will happen xx

I don’t think my partner felt our baby move once. I hardly felt her move until towards then end when she would stretch. Our placenta was anterior though so it masked most of her movements

Ohh the joys hahahaha.... I remember baby kicking and countless times saying to hubby’ come quick and feel’ and then baba would stop.... we’d stare for ages waiting to see if he could see the kicking too... this happened around 28-30 odd weeks I think... have fun with it... lol xx

I’m almost 27wks with second baby. I’ve started properly feeling the kicks around your time too 20-22wks, but with this one my husband feels baby too already for the last 3-4wks. From my own experience my second baby kicks and feels more and every time hubby close to my belly when we sleep together he can get kicking😂 with my son and first baby he was also kicking but not that strong as this one.

I stared to share that every pregnancy and every baby would be different in this aspect.

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