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Can’t eat much - early pregnancy

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Hi folks, I’m just over 6 weeks pregnant and struggling to eat anything. I’m very slim as it is so I’m concerned about loosing weight but also baby not getting enough nutrients.

I started out eating loads, but over the last few days my nausea has gotten worse and worse to the point that all I can stomach is crackers and a little cheese. I’m making myself eat porridge and banana in the mornings but even that isn’t appealing.

Should I be worried? If you’ve experienced this, did it last the whole first trimester? Any tips?

Feeling very guilty, took a long time to get pregnant and don’t want to do anything ‘wrong’.

Thanks xx

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Don't worry yourself too much. Many women go through this and worse and have healthy babies. My doctor told me to eat what I can in the first trimester. Are you able to take your prenatal vitamins?

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Arya10 in reply to Blue1986

Thank you - yes I’m still taking my vitamins.

Hello, I'm 7 weeks and on my second pregnancy and this is very normal. I haven't been able to keep much down either. Everything makes me heave. I can just manage to eat instant noodles without the broth. Crackers is another one. Even water seems to have a funny taste in my mouth. I went to the doctor who prescribed some medication but they're not really working as effectively as I threw up twice last night so I've asked them to change the medication.

You will probably lose weight from all the vomiting and lack of appetite but you'll gain it back by the end of your second trimester.

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Arya10 in reply to Naijagirl1

Thanks for your response - it’s good to know it’s normal - and sorry to hear you’re feeling rotten too. Is it likely to last the whole of the first trimester do you think? Good to know I’ll put it back on later

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Naijagirl1 in reply to Arya10

The first time round it left by week 14. They say it tends to go between weeks 12 - 20 however some women are known to be sick throughout their pregnancy but hopefully that won't be the case for you :)

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Arya10 in reply to Naijagirl1

Oh my word, that’s longer than I thought! Need to find more things I can eat! Thanks x

Yes I’m sorry to say I was physically sick to 20 weeks and nauseous to 23. My diet in pregnancy was the worst it has ever been but my daughter was 9lb 6 and healthy x

I had really bad sickness at the beginning until about week 18 and really struggle to eat anything. My body refused so many foods because of smells, textures, hot food! It was a nightmare. I'd find a small selection of foods you feel ok eating and times when you feel like eating them. Hold tight, it will get better and your baby will be taking all the best bits from you anyway. You might just be low on energy for a few weeks.

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Arya10 in reply to laurafig

Week 18! Wow that’s awful, I’m sorry to hear that! Yep, that’s how I feel too. I don’t think my body would last too long eating this little, I’m very thin, there’s not much of me as it is. I may have to force feed myself 😐

Just eat whatever you can, don’t worry about the nutritional benefits or otherwise because baby will get what it needs from your stores.

In my case, mainly white foods! White toast, mashed potato, macaroni cheese... basically bland stuff. I took my vitamins but couldn’t stomach the fish oil capsules that came with them. I could eat fishfingers though! It’s hard x

Ps try to get someone else to do the cooking- I found that if I had to smell it whilst cooking then I really wouldn’t want it afterwards.

Thanks! I’m eating mostly toast (brown) and white crackers and cheese. I do crave macaroni cheese a lot, which I never normally eat.

You’re SO right about the cooking, my husband usually does 3/4 of it but now if I’m standing making anything I feel so sick I can’t then eat it. Also have to leave the room when he’s cooking or again I won’t eat it.

Thanks for the encouragement and advice x

I am very skinny too! 5.6 tall and 112 lbs. I didnt worry at all. First trimester u night probably lose some weight. But baby has a yolk sac to get nutrition from even if ur not eating.

U can start eating alot once u enter 2nd and 3rd trimester and the official fetus starts to get stuff from your embellical cord!

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Arya10 in reply to YunaMom

Thank you! Makes me feel better. I am now eating but not the things I would like to eat, mostly toast and crackers. Though I am managing to eat half of our normal dinners x

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YunaMom in reply to Arya10

Thats great!! Your doing great! In my first trimester (i never really liked bread before) I was able to eat only bread with honey lol. I was also eating alot of fruits and vegetables, especially enjoying non-acidic fruits like melon, watermelon and pear. I also really enjoyed cucumbers and romane lettuce because they had lotz of water and it helped me cool down. Unfortunately I couldnt handle meats. So I turned to cheese, yogurt, eggs...... Finally at night, I couldnt control the hunger kicking in before sleep. So I drank a cup of milk every night before sleep to ease the uncontrollable hunger. Week 6 to 10 is really odd...

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Arya10 in reply to YunaMom

Sounds like you did really good with your diet, a good amount of nutrition in there.

I didn’t eat much bread before as it doesn’t agree with me in other ways, have always eaten lots of fruit and veg (I’m a veggie so no meat), but can’t stomach much fruit or veg. I have been trying to get myself to eat melon and pears as not too bad with them - you’re right about the gentler fruits!

It’s so strange isn’t it, I think I’m finding the food part such a shock as I normally love my food and enjoy healthy eating. Hoping it’s all a good sign though. Thanks for the comments :) x

Everybody is so different! I couldn’t eat salad AT ALL during my pregnancy, and all my home grown lettuce went to waste!

Hopefully it won't last. Do your best to eat what you can. Try not to worry too much about the baby, your body will make sure the baby gets what it needs. Are you taking a prenatal supplement. Might put your mind at ease?

Hopefully in a few weeks it'll pass and you'll have a bit more of an appetite. The second trimester was definitely better for me. Then by the third I just wanted carbs, carbs and more carbs!

I went off certain foods at the start but sometimes found it was the thought more than the actual food. Sickness for me tended to build when I was hungry so try small snacks and often. I found fresh fruit made me feel better.

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Arya10 in reply to Kempton

Thank you! Yes, I’ve been taking a prenatal every day for 3 years (long time TTC), also taking omega 3 and calcium magnesium.

You’re right about it sometimes just being the thought of foods, I’ve tried ignoring not wanting to eat certain things and sometimes it works and I can do it, others I can’t. Small and often is defo the way x

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Kempton in reply to Arya10

I completely relate. I think I was taking pregnacare for about 4 years while we tried to conceive naturally then had ivf. Hopefully everyone here has reassured you so you feel less worried.

Best of luck with the pregnancy!

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