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Anyone had C-section with anterior placenta?


Hi, I'm only 27weeks and after speaking with consultant I said I wanted a c-section and she agreed given my age (over 40) and I have a retrograde uterus with adhesions to my bowel from a previous surgery. Since then, I have just been told by the midwife I have an anterior placenta. A medical friend of mine and other friends who have had children said "they won't do a c-section if your placenta is at the front and the baby is head down. You'll bleed out and be too much of a risk. They will insist you try VABC and if you run into difficulties it will be a last resort". In tears as everyone I know over 40 without any other medical problems or issues have had 'really bad experiences of trying a VBAC and then ending up nearly losing their lives from blood loss or the baby becoming more distressed etc. They finally had c-sections through no choice.

I'm worried as every surgery I've had ... I've woken up and been told they've "had to do something different". I just don't want to get to the day and be told "deal with it etc, women do this every day... after I've already had complications with 2 surgeries prior to starting ivf. Sorry, when you think you're starting to relax and get your head around things and I hear news like that I just want to cry. Thanks for listening.

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I had an anterior placenta I ended up having an emergency c section due to a failed induction. It was never mentioned that it was anymore of a risk to me. Hope you get the answers you need and it all goes well for you.

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Thank you. I just never have any luck with these things and feel my body is too messed up internally to have a 'regular' birth. x

I had a planned c section my (3rd) and I had a now lying anterior placenta. He was head down, all they did different was ultrasound me the night before and morning and planned the incision away from his head. On the morning of the c section he flipped to breach, but they still stuck the plan. It was just to make sure his head was clear of the cut. I had many reassurance talks before the section After hearing stories like that, but it’s no different to a normal section. It’s a it’s about 3mm higher than the other. No problems whatsoever. Everything fine 😊 no need to worry. 💕

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Thank you sob. I was just starting to get my head around things, and hearing the news that they probably wouldn't do a c-section if the baby was head down and with cutting into or so close to my placenta would be high risk just sent me in tears. Thank you for sharing your experience and letting me know they still went ahead with yours. I know my consultant hasn't read any notes I've given her regarding previous surgeries etc, and with the mw only just telling my it's anterior and explaining it, didn't fill me with much hope. I've been telling her I haven't felt anything for weeks and she said it was all in my head as there was no reason why. It's been on my notes since wk 20. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've been so stressed and tearful, afraid to buy anything incase something goes wrong and expecting they wouldn't listen to my wishes and just do their own thing. xx


I had an anterior placenta and emergency c-section and no one said it was high risk xx

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Thank you. I was told I'd probably have to try normal birth and if that fails then end up with emergency c-section, but not be given that through choice just last resort. Thanks for letting me know you had c-section ok. x

I didn’t have an anterior placenta but baby was head down. After a failed induction I had a planned c section x

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Thank you. I've heard of lots of friends who say they had a c-section but their placenta was on the back (which is apparently more normal). Just typical that I'm not normal as nothing goes to plan with me. Thanks for letting me know x

I was high risk for a few reasons. 2 previous c sections, assisted Fertility, gestational diabetic.

With the anterior placenta they did the scan like I said so they knew exactly where the baby was and I voiced my fears about my bleeding and because I had previous abdominal surgery they had cross matched blood ready and waiting which in the end they didn’t even need. I ended up losing less blood than my 1st 2 sections. Don’t be scared by other people’s stories hun.

It would be safer to plan and book the section if that’s what you want, so they can know the babies position exactly than go through a labour that may end in a emergency section anyway.they actually discouraged a Vbac for me because of the previous surgeries.

Like I say my belly looks like a grill with 3 inscision scars lol but who cares if we’ve got a healthy baby at the end of it. Stand your ground, it’s your right to have the birth you want. They would never refuse a c section because they have a duty of care to deliver your baby safely. 💕

Thank you. I don't really care what my belly looks like any more. Would pref to have a c-section planned as you say than go through labour, possibly run into difficulties and end up having one anyhow. I will stand my ground. I was worried they would 'insist' and do their own thing anyhow x Bless you for giving me some hope x

Sorry I’ve just added a bit on the post above

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