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42 and 2 missed periods but negative blood and urine tests. Could I still be pregnant?

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Hello everyone, I have done a lot of research but I still dont know what's going on. I am 42 and have missed 2 periods. I have had a handful of urine tests and 2 blood tests that have all been negative. I have had some pregnancy symptoms on and off. My dr. Wont do a scan until I miss a third period. What is the likelyhood that i could still be pregnant? I have no other symptoms for perimenopause or menopause but could it be that? Or could it be much more serious like cancer?

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Hi I doubt you are pregnant if you've had blood and urine coming back negative it's not uncommon for women to miss periods regardless of age not sure why it happens probably hormone imbalance or they blame stress alot. It must be frustrating but probably just have to wait I wouldnt jump to thinging its cancer or anything. Hopefully you can get some answers soon or your period are you ttc?

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Thank you for your reply. I am still wondering about pregnancy because there are so many stories on here about women still being pregnant after negative tests. I guess it is just a waiting game at this point. What does ttc mean lol?

Trying to conceive

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Oh lol, no not really. My husband and I tried when we were first married a little over a year ago but came to the conclusion that we probably couldnt conceive. But, when I thought maybe it had happened I was excited because I wanted to give my husband the chance to be a dad.

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Aww that would be a nice surprise. We’re ttc I’m 39 my 3rd but would be his 1st we started when I was 37 and have conceived 3 times but mc all. We really want 1 together.

I’m 40 and currently 29 weeks pregnant . I missed several periods in a row when ttc. It was the first time it had ever happened, ironically 🙄 I eventually concluded it was the preconception multivitamin I was taking that was disrupting my cycle for some reason. It was the only thing I’d changed and my period started within days of me stopping taking it (after no period for 70 + days).

Is there anything new you’ve introduced to your diet recently? Are you stressed? I’d be thinking along those lines first. If you’ve no other concerning symptoms I wouldn’t immediately be worrying that cancer was the cause (altho understand why it might pop into your head).

It’s not impossible to get pregnant at 42, especially if you know you’re not in peri/menopause. There’s lots you can do with nutrition etc if you wanted to improve your chances.

Sounds like you might have to wait until the dr approves a scan, or you could pay for one privately.

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The only change was that I took a prenatal multivitamin for awhile on and off quite awhile ago. Then stopped when we thought we couldnt conceive and then when I missed my period and started getting preg symptoms, I started taking it again. Didnt know these vitamins could affect a womans cycle.

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Nor did I, but when I googled the brand and ‘problems with periods’ there were quite a few other women saying the same thing. It may not have been that, but it seems a massive coincidence that as soon as I stopped taking them my period returned and i’ve not had the same problem since.

I did a lot of research when ttc, if you’re interested you might find these books helpful:

Period repair manual


It starts with the egg


Expecting better






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Well I stopped taking my prenatal vitamins for over a week now and I still have not gotten my period. I was due to get it yesterday and still nothing. I really wish I knew what is going on. 3 missed periods out of the blue is really odd for me.

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Time to go to the doctor and request some tests?

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Saw dr today. She is sending me for an ultrasound and next week I have a complete physical.

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That’s a good start. Hope it goes well x

Probably hormone imbalance or early menopause? Wait to see if you miss a third one then ask for the scan to at least rule out pregnancy. Best of luck.

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