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Yellow poo stains out of clothes

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My LB likes to do explosive poos which seem to stain his clothes. How do you get the clothes clean? I did start to use oxi but it’s biological and so could harm his skin. Any ideas? Thanks

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I rub some fairy liquid in the stains and then wash. Works every time xx

Hang it out in the sunshine, I laughed when I first heard this but it totally works! Also if you can wash stuff with poo stains as soon as possible, I found the sooner I washed them the easier they came out.

Vanish soap bar before you wash. Works a treat on all sorts of stains

I soak them straight away in stain remover with bleach and enzymes but then wash non biological on the thought that once they’ve been through a full wash they likelihood of having anything on the clothes that is bad for the skin will be minimal or none existent after the wash. I have heard sunlight works well like Lilli79 said but not tried it myself x

The nhs no longer advise against bio because there wasn’t actually any evidence that bio harms baby skin. But if you want a non bio stain remover powder, fairy now do one. Sunlight is best though, even through a window x

Ps I dealt with explosive nappies by moving to using real cloth nappies which stop the “up the back” issues. Maybe contact your local cloth nappy library?

How does this work, do you wash them at home or are they taken to get washed, how much does it work out, sorry so many questions but i really wanted to this but found no info on it Thank you in advance

Cloth nappy libraries loan you some nappies to try at home. You wash them at home. Nappy washing services where you send them away have pretty much died a death I believe. They wash fine at home. There are loads of cloth nappy groups on Facebook if you want to find out more.

I used to find that drying my babies clothes out in the sunshine would get rid of the yellow staining! No extra chemicals needed :)

I find Sainsburys brand nappy contains explosive poo more than other nappies.....I've tried various ones. If you're come concerned about biological detergents you can do an extra rinse cycle.

Another thing I found with exp poos is that the effects are minimalised with a fresh nappy. I am lucky in the sense that my LG has a somewhat predictable pattern so I know to change before the poo.


Works wonders on reusable nappies. Got an awful curry stain out of a beige leather jacket too

Wow I never knew about sunshine! Thanks everyone for your advice!!!

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