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baby milk on prescription

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so my lb is 3 months old and is lactose intolerance.... he has been having colief drops in his milk. he hadn't been for a poop since Wednesdays but today when he had one his poop was back to very dark green so I think the drops aint working as well now.... so now I think he need to go on the prescription milk.... is any one else using it for their babys.... and how many do they give you on pescription x

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Hi my friend had prescription milk for her little one think you get 2 tins at a time but tbink ylu can ask for as many as you like depends if the pharmacy has in stock sounds like it may help your little one xxx

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im going to take him doctors next week he still got drops left I got to use up. im hoping it just where he didnt go for a poop for a couple of days. but I see what doctor says x

Just to warn you they may not prescribe lactose free milk as you can buy it yourself at a similar cost to regular formula, I know some people get it and some don’t depending on the CCG criteria for the area you live in, the only milk they prescribe now is for a full on cows milk protein allergy I’m afraid and even then it seems to be a battle for some. Just don’t want you to feel disappointed if they say no and you have to buy it yourself. If the drops are no longer working and the poo is dark green and has mucus in it, it may be a cows milk protein allergy, they do have lactose free extensively hydrolysed milk you could try x

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I see what my doctor says.... im going to finish these drops off.... im hoping its where he didnt have drops for one day as my chemist near me didnt have any and my doctor said he should be fine for one day... so im hoping its just that.

I have seen sma do a lf milk so I might talk to my doctor about that. it wasy hubby who said about the pescription milk and how many we get. thank you for tou reply x

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Bless him, it may be that, it doesn’t take many feeds for my daughter to have problems if the milk isn’t right. It’s definitely worth asking your GP and I hope your little ones becomes settled again soon, it’s not easy when they struggle with the 1 thing that feeds them x

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well I think its where he didn't have drops for that one day as today he had a poop and his poop has gone back yellow. so the drops must be working xx

Just wanted to say are you sure hes not cows milk protein intollerant. Google it, pretty sure the nhs website has a list of symptoms. True lactose intolerance is very rare in babies you can get something called secondary lactose intolerance after a bug but this is only temporary. But anyway, list of symptoms and take to drs... whether its cmpi or lactose. Drs tend to know very little about babies feeding issues (unless you are very lucky). Also if doing some research you are still sure its the lactose, sma and aptamil both do a lactose free version available in large supermarkets and most chemists. But please do some research :) hope this helps a bit x

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it was my hv who said he was lactose and the doctor agreed with here as his poop wasnt right colour at all.. the colief drops are working. it was only one day he didn't have them and his poop went green again so I thought he would need the pescription milk.

I have seen that sma do a lf milk im going to talk to my doctor about that when I go see her x

Sorry just to add, dr may give you a trial of hypoallergenic milk (either hydrolysed or amino acid) these taste different to normal baby milk and they normally try the hydrolysed. You get as many as you need for a fully formula fed baby you would get however many tins you'd get through in a month starting with a two week trial to see if theres an improvement. Or if its definately the lactose and not milk protein, as somebody else has said it depends on your local nhs's ccg guidelines.

Good your going to discuss it with dr and glad the colief drops are working. Not sure if the drops totally break the lactose down to a manageable level compared with the milk having glucose as a replacement for the lactose. Don't know if that makes any difference, just food for thought. All the best :) x

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