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Is it ok to give newborn water

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Hi ladies... my mother in law is telling me it’s ok to give my baby water. However.. I didn’t think this was true and should only be when he’s older. Please share your thoughts xx

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I was told by my hv not to give water till they are about 2 months old and your not a loud to give them much. best advice is speak to you mv or hv they can give you a proper answer xx

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Thank you xx

Why is she saying he needs water? They get what they need from breast and formula milk.

If they are constipated then may be but I probably wouldn’t have done it so young as normally a bit of massage and bicycle legs help xx

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Exactly my point... turned up again unannounced at 7pm and still here now 😬

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Oh no! I don’t envy you. Luckily mine lives 500 miles away and I don’t speak to my mother xx

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Lol.. lucky you 🙈😊

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Oh I do love a helpful mother in law 😂There is absolutely no need, especially if breastfed. Copied this from the "what to expect" website so you can set her straight

Unless she’s very sick, a baby who satisfies her appetite and her need to suck with bottles of water will miss out on the nutrition she needs from her feedings. If done regularly, this can cause weight loss, and in the case of breast-fed babies, it can decrease your breast-milk supply. Giving water to a baby in large amounts can even lead to oral water intoxication, a condition in which the electrolytes, such as sodium, in a baby’s bloodstream become diluted, inhibiting normal bodily functions and leading to dangerous problems such as low body temperature or seizures

There is no need to give a newborn water. as stated above they get what they need from their milk.or if he really need water then give it to them but small bits at a time but if he dont need it then there no point in giving it to him

my lb is 2 1/2 months and I only give him sips of water if its hot and he only has half oz if that.

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I don't think it does any harm to give very small amounts of cooled boiled water, but a breastfed baby shouldn't need any, a formula fed one may need a little as they get older for thirst, apart from that you may want to give it perhaps for constipation or to prevent dehydration due to heat etc.

Same advice as above would be to ask health visitor/midwife.

Remember, mil may mean well but advice was different in her time and still changes frequently these days!

Just say thanks for the advice, I'll bare it in mind 😁

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Giving them water is perfectly fine if required. Such as constipation or if they’re ill etc

Otherwise everything comes from the milk

It can’t be straight from the tap though. Needs to be boiled and cooled down and they can’t have it cold. It’ll give them a tummy ache. My little girl was really unwell at time when she was born and she really appreciated the water I gave her

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If you are breastfeeding you don't need to give your baby water. If you are formula feeding you can give a tiny amount of cooled boiled water, but I don't think that's even necessary. It's not like we are experiencing a heatwave.

Why is your MIL saying that? Maybe you or your partner need to tell her to back off! Were either of you able to talk to her about not just turning up? That must be driving you mad.

Maybe just start nodding and smiling and ignoring her unwanted advice!

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u shouldn't give it baba any water to at least 6 months old. it that has be boiled water not tap. ur baby only needs breastmilk or bottled. they get the water intake thru the milk.

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I was told my HV to give cooked boiled water as my LG was struggling with bowels. But I wouldn’t just give her water, no need for it. I hate an interfering mother in law x

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I wouldn’t advise it. They can get what’s called water bloating. They don’t need water at this age . Every nutrient they need is in breast milk or formula . I only gave water around 5- 6 months when starting to wean on medical advice x

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Yes you can but boil it up and leave to cool down. I gave water to my baby when she was very constipated and not getting on with the formula I was using at the time and it helped as moved everything on. She had been crying in pain and was such a relief after she drank it and went to the toilet and settled. Also good to give water if you want to in the hot summer months to keep them well hydrated.

My hv said not to. Nhs advice is only give cooled boiled water to formula fed babies (so not at all to bf babies- they need that tummy space for milk) and then only in specific circumstances. Always ask your health visitor if you’re unsure x

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Yes it’s totally fine. Gripe water was/is a life saver. Especially when my newborn had hiccups. The box will tell you newborns+

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Yeah normally you don’t need to give babies water. The only time I was advised to was when she was constipated.

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