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Feeling tired and weak during first trimester

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Hi, i’m 8 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. I’m feeling really tired, weak, and dizzy all the time. I also keep vomiting everytime i ate. I feel like don’t have any energy. I know that this is normal during first trimester, but how can i handle this? Because i feel like i’m sick but i’m not sick, i’m pregnant. How should i enjoy this pregnancy? I really appreciate your suggestion 😊

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You should go to doctor, you might be getting dehydrated from the sickness or your could have anemia. Make sure you're taking your vitamins and drinking plenty of water, small sips if you're really sick. This could be Hyperemesis gravidarum.

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I went to GP yesterday and he gave me sickness tablet, he also said i need to drink plenty of water, i think i need to drink more water. I took blood test, hope the result will be fine. Thanks for your advice 😊

I was the same.... I was like it all through the first trimester.... I ended up going to my gp they gave me sickness tablets and they stopped me being sick....plenty of rest.... hot baths....drink plenty but small sips at a time.....they all did the trick.... hope you feel better soon xx

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Me too, i went to GP yesterday and he gave me sickness tablet. I haven’t try hot baths yet, i’ll try it hope it will makes me better. Thanks for your advice 😊

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Be careful with the hot baths, I would say have a warm bath and don't stay in too long, you don't want to raise your body temperature too high. Also try showering down before a bath to reduce the risk of UTI.

You should see a doctor. You could have iron deficiency anemia or some other form of anemia which could and would cause the physical feeling of being tired. Your body could hurt, you would have a lack of energy. You might also feel colder. They will put you on prenatals and may also add more iron to your diet with additional pills. Other wise dizziness is possible in early pregnancy because of low blood pressure. Fluctuations in hormones can cause that. Low blood sugar is also possible if you’re not eating as much as you should do if you’re vomiting often. My best advice would be to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Look at your urine when you pee. I know gross, but advised. The more yellow it looks the more water you need. If it’s clear you’re fine. If you feel dizzy drink a glass of orange juice. If it goes away after you drank the glass you know it’s the blood sugar. Don’t skip meals. Try to eat 4 smaller meals a day at least. Eat whatever you can stomach. Crackers, bagels, bread may help. It’s bland. Stay away from anything heavy. Best of luck.

I felt truly awful in my first trimester and there isn’t much you can do about it. Sickness pills should help, but just take each day as it comes, drink water, rest. Just do what you can and it will gradually pass.

Hi the doctor should give you stuff for nausea. Also get yourself some cracker biscuits when you wake up in the morning take one and eat it, it does help a little. Make sure also to get good vitamines it will help with the tiredness. Don't worry when your first trimester is done most of the symptoms are gone too. I'm 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant I must say I'm really lucky my nausea is better already. Keep well and look after yourself.

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