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How do I get my daughter interested in potty training

My daughter is two going on three and she doesn't seem i interested in potty training she also goes to school and she's delayed in all developments I was just wondering how to get her interested in going to the potty

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Hi if she is delayed with her development don’t rush her. Maybe start of with every nappy change showing her the potty/toilet and sit her on if she is happy to, get school to do the same, all depends where her understanding and language is at to vocalise if her nappy is wet etc. Speak to her teachers too as they will know where her understanding development is at school. I’m happy to give you any more advise if you want.


Have you tried star charts/ reading books about potty training. We had a sticker book with princess polly.

However if she us delayed in all other things it might be still too early. Have been getting support from a paediatrician/gp?


If she’s delayed your paediatrician can refer you to the continence nurse who specialises in potty training, however you have to look in line with her other developmental skills, if for example across the board she’s performing at the level of a 15 month old, it’s too early to potty train as she’s not ready for it cognitively. Even for some typically developing children 2 is still considered early to potty train. The best thing you can do is get her used to seeing/ sitting on the potty so that she’s not scared of it when it’s introduced for potty training.


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