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Early potty training?

My little girl is 16mons old, we had no plans to potty train until the summer when she would be 19-20mons old. But today she spontaneously pooped on the potty, she demanded it and put herself on it. Now I’m confused what to do as she’s clearly more ready than I thought, do I start training now as she’s introduced it?

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Definitely start now. Just any time you see her strain or going off into a corner, pop her on to the potty.

I was training my son at 8 months. I just noticed he was trying to go so quickly stripped him down and popped him on. It was amazing. Then he got poorly and we've taken a huge step back. He just gets off the potty and Ive had poop gate in the bathroom more times than I'd care to remember! I'm sad to say he's still pooping in nappies despite our earlier success!

Good luck. But sounds like she's ready so you'll be fine!


Hmmm I would’ve think it’s early but if she shows interest and you have time dedicated for the training and wanted to do why not to give it a go!

My son started to be complicated with nappy change at 20-22 months ive started properly train him at around 22-23months and that was early in compare to other kids he was around. I’ve noticed that the potty training is also around teaching the right commands, my son started speaking early but he became confused what is wee, or phoo, it’s a sudden change. Kids basically needs to know to communicate their needs for using potty. It was hard 3wks work,but he got the trick and then I was so glad we didn’t give up. I think if you determined to potty train and decided to go for it don’t give up no matter what. This is because then it’s taken longer to achieve what you have planned. No matter what once you put down nappy don’t wear them again except night times or nap times. My son also very quickly stopped being wet at nights, this came with drink control and nappy worn over pants, that’s good trick.

Good luck xx


By today's standards it's early, because of modern nappies. But once upon a time terry nappies were the norm & children were trained much earlier. So I'd say go with it, it clearly can be done.

Don't fret about night training either, being dry at night is down to hormones that slow down urine production when you sleep, which can take a while to regulate for some children x


I read that you should start as soon as the child shows signs of interest/ readiness - like she did.

Every child is different and early / late labels are tricky for that reason.

For example in Korea, you will struggle to find a child past 1 year that is still using the nappy. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Good luck with the training


I bought my son a potty last month just for him to look at and use from time to time. He loved it so much as it resembles a real toilet with a flushing sound. Now I put him on it after meals and in between and most days during the day he has a dry nappy (I use the pampers pull up pants). 🙂

He is now 9 months old and uses it when I put him on it and I've even taught him to close the lid and flush! Teaching good habits early! 🤣

I was amazed myself when he actually started using it. At first I thought it was a fluke but then he continued to either pee and poo in it each time after sitting him on it for a short time. I have to hold his hands for balance whilst he goes as his feet don't touch the floor yet. Best decision as very easy to clean afterwards. 🙂

If your child is ready then keep up with it as it will only make things easier for you!


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