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No nausea, or sickness. Should I contact a GP to check in?

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I’m around 6/7 weeks pregnant, and I’ve suffered NO nausea and very mild breast tenderness but nothing more- don’t feel pregnant and worry about the worst scenarios like a missed miscarriage. Should I check in with the doctor,to see if things are progressing or wait until my 8 week check in with a midwife?

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I had absolutely no sickness or nausea throughout the whole pregnancy. Only symptoms I had early on (started around 8 weeks) was needing the loo more and a bit tired. A lot of people don’t suffer from sickness. Also every pregnancy is different- my first ended in miscarriage and I did have a little sickness.

Congratulations though xx

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Thanks for your reply, it’s a weird time to be in. It’s comforting to hear other people with similar symptoms as so far the close friends and family that I told, that have been pregnant suffered from nausea and sickness so can’t relate to how I’m feeling. Hopefully it all turns out ok.

Hey. I’ve not had many symptoms but all fine so far at 8 weeks.

Can be fine and also not a good sign but hard to say. It early days and hopefully all be fine at your scan🤞🤞 u sure if would scan earlier unless started to bleed etc.

Hope all is fine for u xx

I had no signs of pregnancy whatsoever. I had just a day of cramping after my transfer but that’s it. I didn’t feel pregnant like I expected to but it doesn’t just disappear. By the way, I am now 22 weeks pregnant and I have made it to this stage still without any signs so trust me it not everyone gets sickness.

Good luck x

My friend didn't find out she was pregnant until she was 21 weeks as she had no symptoms at all. Was purely because she went for a routine kidney scan! X

I got sickness after week 6 and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! And trust me, it doesn’t really make you feel anymore pregnant.

I wouldn’t worry, I’d take each day as it comes because you just don’t know whether you will get any obviously symptoms or not and everyone’s experience is so different. Tune in to your body, you may have mild symptoms like stronger sense of smell, tiredness but it seems normal not to have these too.

The GP won’t be able to tell you anything so I wouldn’t see them. All you can do is hang on til the scan really :) x


As the others mentioned I wouldn't worry at all about the lack of certain symptoms. I am in week 10 and haven't had any sickness and my main symptom which is bigger and sore breasts started only a couple of weeks ago. As other posts mentioned, each pregnancy is different.

I was also worried that I wasn't pregnant anymore though so at week 6 I went for a private early scan. Seeing that the tiny baby was there and had a strong heart beat gave me a lot of peace of mind. Having said that now I'm worried again and can't wait until my NHS scan! But if you can get the scan I recommend it, at least a few weeks of not worrying too much you'll probably get.

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Like you, I’ve booked an early scan because the lack of symptoms has really thrown me/worried me. Fingers crossed everything is ok. Time seems to be moving so slowly, it’s hard not to overthink everything. I’ve had some spotting today but NHS 24 said not to worry.

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I completely agree, time seems to go slower than ever for me too. I hope the scan goes well and that everything goes well throughout. Good luck xx

I'm 21 weeks and have had no sickness or nausea. If the scans didn't show a someone growing and wiggling around in there, I'd think I'd just put on a few pounds!

I had a missed miscarriage last year and had no sickness or nausea then either. So I was incredibly worried this time round as I wasn't sick again.

I couldn't believe it at my 12 week scan that they said that everything looked great, I was so prepared for bad news again.

Good luck and try not to worry too much x

No you should just enjoy it! Your body is obviously coping well with the increase in hormones. I barely has any symptoms then over this past week I've thrown up a few times. Last night was just the worst. I can't hold anything down, not even water. To top it off my toddler is being really demanding!!

Just enjoy it! Hope you manage to escape any horrible symtoms. I've never felt this bad during pregnancy and believe me it's not fun!!

I've had no symptoms at all my entire pregnancy. No nausea, sickness, tiredness, heartburn, dizziness literally nothing. All I had was cramping (which was scary as this is the first signs of a miscarriage for me).

I only experienced tiredness from the progesterone pessary they gave me but once my body was used to it wasn't feeling tired again.

I'm now 24 weeks, but I did go to Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit any time I got worried. They did scans at the beginning and measured to make sure things were progressing and when it was time they would check babys heartbeat.

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