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Fives week to go hopefully 🤞🏻


Hi everyone,

I’m 32+5 and went for a growth scan today, baby is measuring slightly bigger but the sonographer did say baby was lying in an awkward position so was hard to get accurate measurements and my consultant didn’t seem to concerned.

I haven’t hid my anxiety throughout this pregnancy and on Friday is got worse, I went in for reduced movements and the midwife got the Doppler to have a listen but couldn’t find the heartbeat! My heart rate then soared and I couldn’t process my baby was okay despite the CTG. I ended up having an ECG which showed it was purely down to anxiety.

Because of all this my consultant has agreed I can have a sweep at 37 weeks and then be induced at 37+5. I know being induced isn’t for everyone but for me having a date to aim towards helps me to manage my anxiety.

Hoping I can make it through the next 5 weeks without any more frights from the baby, we’re so close now and I’m still so terrified of something bad happening.

Hope everyone else is doing well x

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Wow friday sounds really scary for you! so pleased everything was ok in the end its the unknown isnt it!!? Hopefully these next 5 weeks will go quickly and calmly for you just trust in yourself and the midwives and youll be fine you can do it 😊 xxxx

E_05 in reply to ALLY81

Definitely and having had 2 previous MMC all I could think was please don’t tell me them words again. Thank you, I definitely hope the fly by. Hope you’re well xx

You’ve got this far, you can do it! 💪🏻 It’ll not be long before your baby is in your arms 😊 I kept telling myself I’d got past the high risk for a miscarriage at 12 weeks and then once I passed 24weeks I kept telling myself if the baby was born now it’d have a good chance of surviving. Hang in there x

E_05 in reply to Lovefood1984

Thank you, I’ve tried to do that focus on the milestones as it were. When baby’s moving well I feel like I cope quite well. Hope you’re well x

Lovefood1984 in reply to E_05

Everything is good this end, just trying to navigate getting her to drop from 6 bottles to 5 and sleep a longer stretch at night (she’s been guzzling as much at night over 2 bottles as 4 during the day!) They do make life interesting 😂 Keep us up to date on progress, so exciting 😀 x

Woaw I understand the stress. Not much to go... keep talking to baby and get both reassured !

Getting there!

Ah bless you. I have my 31+5 growth scan tomorrow. I too am going to get induced at 38 weeks but didn’t know about the sweep a few days before. Do you have any more growth scans planned before 37 weeks or is the fact your baby is not measuring small mean everything is fine? My scans are because I am at risk of a small any so I have one at 36 weeks too. Hope the next 5 weeks flies over for you and that you can try to relax. 👶🙏🏻

E_05 in reply to MrsH007

Thank you, I’ve got another scan at 36 weeks they’ve been booked in for a while. My consultant said she won’t go by just this one scan to say baby’s big and the other scans have been fine.

Might be worth asking about the sweep, I was told even if it doesn’t start labour it gives a better position for being induced x

MrsH007 in reply to E_05

Thank you 😊

My heart was in my mouth reading your update, so glad everything was ok. I felt the exact same as you about induction and actually welcomed the news when they told me, as you say it gives you a date to focus on. I couldn’t bear the thought of potentially going over my due date, like you, my anxiety levels were too high and I was exhausted. Do you have any other scans booked? I found scans the only thing that put my mind at ease, even for a few days. I know it doesn’t seem like it but the finish line is in sight and you will be holding your beautiful baby soon. Trust in your body (as hard as it is after all you’ve been through) it’s doing an amazing job. Always here is you need a chat. Xx

E_05 in reply to Lou9

Thank you, it was the most horrendous experience. I’ve got another growth scan booked at 36 weeks but I wanted the date for induction in before then as with my anxiety Ive just wanted to get to full term and get baby here safely.

How did you find being induced? I’m sure people think by telling me they’ve read ‘horror stories’ it will change my mind. Hope you and your little girl are doing well xx

Lou9 in reply to E_05

Totally understand your reasoning, you need to do what is best for you and your baby. For me, that was being induced and giving her a helping hand to get moving! I too had heard and read horror stories but my birth experience was really positive. I had prepared myself for a very long labour but in the end I had my first pessary at 7pm and delivered my daughter the next morning just before 10am. I had been told by the midwives and consultants that I would, without question, need an epidural and any other pain relief going - which I was completely open to and whatever I needed to do to get her here safely I would do. But in the end I used my breathing techniques and gas & air - mostly because I was dilated 9cm and it was too late when I asked for them! Are you still going for acupuncture? I went weekly from 37 weeks to have induction points and then on the actual morning of my induction too. I suppose I’ll never know if that was what helped but regardless, it made me feel calm and ready for the birth. After all you’ve been through, you can absolutely do this 💪🏻. Xx

E_05 in reply to Lou9

Thank you, that sounds really positive. Yeah I still have acupuncture have been throughout to help manage my anxiety and she’s said about doing points to start preparing my body. My scan showed baby’s already in a good position so hopefully they’ll stay that way 🤞🏻xx

Sorry for your stress, poor you. You’re doing great and nearly there! ☺️ x

Anxiety is a real pain in the ass and from what you’ve mentioned so far in terms of your baby and pregnancy everything seems to be going well.

Have you looked in to hypnobirthing? I don’t mean to change your plan or do anything radical but just for the relaxation side of it? The more relaxed you are in your body and trust your body, the easier it should feel. Otherwise you’ll just be in a state of fight or flight which is not going to help you manage your anxiety.

You have full control of your anxiety and emotions and your really going to be able to help yourself get through this if you can look to manage it.

If you’re on Instagram look at the Positive Birthing Company. They have just launched an app that helps you with birth.

You might also want to look at another post in this forum about induction. Some other ladies are sharing tips on staying calm and what to prepare for during that. They don’t always come out straight away so it could be a long wait.

E_05 in reply to laurafig

Thank you, yeah I’ve been looking into hypnobirthing as I think it’ll definitely help me.

Thinking of you lovely, it's so hard not to worry. Take it as easy as you can and maybe give yourself one thing each week to look forward to which I found helped me take my mind off things.

E_05 in reply to Poppy149

Thank you, that’s a really good idea actually something to focus on to get through the weeks. Hope you’re doing well x

Poppy149 in reply to E_05

I found if I gave myself something nice to look forward to each week it did help take my mind off all the worry. Hubby and I made sure we had time together before baby arrived like a meal out, one week I had my hair done and another week had a girls day shopping etc. A little 'me time' to pamper myself. Despite it being so incredibly hard not to worry, it did help.

I do hope you are doing okay. Take care and sending love and BIG hugs xxx

I have been reading your posts for a while now, even the old, sad ones. We’ve been through similar things at the same time so I can totally relate and empathise. I just wanted to say good luck and hang in there, there is only a bit left.

E_05 in reply to a1234567

Thank you and sorry for everything you’ve also been through.

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