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How long do you stay at the hospital after c section?

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Hi there

Was wondering how long do you stay at the hospital after having baby by c-section?

Have been told 1 day and this is a bit too quick I think it’s scarring

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I stayed in 3 days but people are different xx

You won't be sent home if your not ready so don't worry. My friend has had 2 csections & was out the next day both times. Both times she could have stayed but wanted to get home to her other children.

I’m from France and there the minimum is 3 days as they want to make sure all is good for the mum and the baby... I had c section for my 2 oldest and I had to stay 5 days for the first as he had jaundice and for the second one it’s different as she came 3 months earlier so we stayed 1 month at the hospital.... so now I am a bit worried to hear just 1 day.... what if something is getting wrong after?

I was told after having both my babies that we had 24hour access to delivery suite, if I had any concerns about me or baby all I had to do was phone x

Ok so I will try to not focus on that then and find my positivity back... thanks 😘

I would of been out the next day but baby was being treated for suspected sepsis so I was in three days x

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Hope you are all good now 😘

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Yes thank you. Good luck for yours xx

I gave vaginal birth same night as the lady with C-section. She went home first - but they kept me extra night as I was exclusively breastfeeding and the midwives were not sure if the breastfeeding was established...

I wanted to go home straight after giving birth... My own house, own bed .. at the hospital during the night babies cried - woke up eachother - I have not had sleep for 48+ hours - just wanted peace and quiet...

This time round this hospital has policy to keep newborns & mums for 3 days 😭 I don't want to be in the hospital at all....

I think - if there's no reason to stay at the hospital: it's much more nice to be at home (unless medical issues)

Yes that’s true too... but babies are so fragiles and I don’t want complications for none of us since I just have complications now during my pregnancy.., and for sure I prefer to be home asap but don’t wanna risk anything

Totally understand you! Because at hospital there are so many doctors to ask questions etc...

I was lucky as pregnancy/ delivery/ breastfed- everything went so smooth that I had no need to worry about anything.

Fingers crossed that your C-section will be very well done and will heal quickly and both : you and baby will be in safe hands & healthy!

I think it all depends on ur recovery as they call it

I was in 6 days due to high blood pressure and emergency c section

Think they make sure u have support at home and are using the bathroom able too feed ok

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Ok thanks for all your shares. I am reassured now that they will not through me out after 1 day no matter what lol

I want to exclusively breastfeeding as well so... we’ll see 😊

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