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20 week scan

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Is anyone approaching 20 weeks? I’m 18 and just wondered how far I advance they send the letter

It’s quite strange as Iv had my growth scan appointments for May June and July but no scan

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We booked our 20-week scan in person when we were there for the 12 week one. That does sound strange you don't have a date yet. I would give the clinic a call x

I would definitely give them a call mine was booked at 12 weeks.... xx

Mine was also booked in when I had my 12 week scan x

Rang and nothing had been booked and I’m on a waiting list

I have been moved from one hospital to another after my first scan but don’t know if that’s the reason

It’s just frustrating I have 5 appointments and not one is 20 week scan

Mix ups like that are so frustrating! At least there’s a few weeks yet, hopefully they can fit you in. I think this scan can be done at 21weeks or possibly later. And presumably they could do all this stuff at a later growth scan if necessary. Just annoying having to wait! x

I think I’m just anxious as my 12 week scan wasn’t all that good like it should be as we were told there maybe something with the baby so I was suppose to be under high risk, I just want to see my baby and make sure this scan is all good now I know my results

Mine was made at my 12 week scan

Give them a call, I got my 20 week scan appointment at 13 weeks.

Mine was also booked straight after 12wks scan. You might like to contact them for that so they schedule you in xxx

I’m 24+5 now, but I’ve always booked my scans in person, at my 12 week scan I went and booked in my 20 week one, and then booked my 23 week one at 20 weeks. After that I had to book all the growth scan ones, the only one I didn’t book myself is one with MFM, and I got a letter in the post yesterday about that and it’s for next week. I’d ring your midwife and check if you need to book it x

You should have seen your midwife at 16 weeks too, mine checked then that I’d booked my 20 week one x

If I don’t get an appointment by Friday il contact my midwife I think is the best as Iv been told I’m on a waiting list

I got my letter when I was about 17 weeks and now I'm 20 weeks and I've got my scan in 2 days time

Hi hun you book it in person when u have ur 12 weeks. I’m in a high risk category too they only sort ur growth scans n clinics out, I’m high risk due to being 19 when I got pregnant, try not to worry too much things will get sorted with appointments xx

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