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Trying to conceive after late miscarriage.

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I had a miscarriage at 20 weeks in August. It was quite traumatic but I had to get on with things because I have another son who is 3. We have been trying to conceive since then but having no luck so far. It is so hard because I feel like I can’t move forward until this happens for us. I’m also feeling very sad at times and have crippling anxiety some days. Anyone had a similar experience? How have you coped? Xx

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I'm so sorry about your late miscarriage, I can't imagine how hard that must have been for you. I don't have experience of this myself but if you are having difficulty trying to conceive now I would recommend the Fertility Network forum on this site:

There are lots of very supportive ladies there who I am sure will want to help.

I hope you can also find someone to talk to, your partner, a friend or a counsellor, who can help you when you are feeling sad and anxious. Take care xx

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Thank you- I will take a look. We haven’t been trying that long really it’s just so disappointing every month when it hasn’t worked out again. What makes things worse is the fact that I will be 40 in November. I guess we just have to keep trying for now. Thanks again.

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Yes that monthly hope then disappointment is so hard. Keep trying and in the meantime could you see your gp to get a plan in place for if you need more tests to check everything is as it should be? Hope things can turn a corner for you soon xx

Sorry for what you went through. No matter what people say it can never make you feel better about your loss. I had a miscarriage last February and I was only 9wks gone and I just felt so lost as it was my first. Me and my partner weren't trying but I became pregnant again in the September. I found it really hard to bond or believe it was happening until I was 22wks when I felt her move as I thought everything was going to go wrong again. I'm now 29wks. So keep some faith and hopefully itll happen soon but if not make an appointment with the drs and see what they say. Try not to get too stressed about it as that won't help. Good luck xx

I’ve just turned 39 and had 3 mmc since Nov17 all at 12/13w it is traumatic and emotional painful. I still get tearful my last was in jan19 I’ve come to terms with mc it’s really common and there’s nothing I could have done to prevent it we’ve had tests scans and semen analysis all fine. I’m really lucky to have 2 kids already but my partner has none, I feeI I do need to keep trying for now and stay positive hopefully we’ll get a baby soon

I’m really sorry for your loss but please try to be positive & take good care of your health. I had late miscarriage in January that was very painful went through d& c in feb. I joined too many support groups because I didn’t want to b negative & took good care of my health by healthy food & GP advices. I got pregnant again after 8 months now I’m 22 week pregnant & it’s going ok so far. I would recommend u to visit GP, go for walks and don’t leave urself alone. Try to get as much help as you can

So sorry to hear this, mine was at 16 weeks. It is so heart breaking and thinking back to the decisions about seeing the baby and what to do with the baby makes it all even more devastating. Late miscarriages are rarer and since I dont have kids they investigated this further... i had cervical incompitence. We were told not to ttc until late dec whilst they carried out tests, because of age have started getting fertility support. I found some local support that offered specific counciling. That was helpful and possibly worth exploring.

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