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Mucus plug at 13 weeks?!?


Hello you lovely lot.

I’m 13 weeks today and yesterday I started to get a bit of brown snotty discharge & some clear snotty discharge & some just brown when I wipe.

I’m terrified after the long journey to get here.

I’ve contacted my midwife and she said at least it’s brown... this doesn’t reassure me at all.

I have a good friend that I have sent a few pictures too and she thinks it could be the mucus plug?

I’ve had some period like pains but no red blood. I didn’t even ha e cramps like this when I was paranoid at the beginning of pregnancy, I also haven’t had any previous discharge in this pregnancy & it’s not a result of sexy time.

My midwife said she wooo book me in for an additional appointment to have a look but, that’s not until 22nd March...

It’s the 28th February today :(

Please help xx

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Have you got a general maternity unit number or for your midwife?

I would ring them again and say you want to be seen before then as you’re worried. And if you haven’t already reiterate that you think it could be your plug or it resembles that and you’ve had some pains too.

Good luck! X

Thank you, I think I will call the hospital in the morning x

From what I've read about mucus plugs, if they do go early, your body will just form a new one.

But I know how unsettling every little thing can be that early on, hope you get answers soon xx

Do you have an early pregnancy unit you can contact? I had similar in my first pregnancy and I was made to go through a+e that’s the only way they would see me being so early.

I get thick clear/translucent jelly like discharge every few weeks (which is alwasy an off yellow/brownish which I’ve been told is part of my mucus plus regenerating/replenishing etc... so fingers crossed all is fine. But I’d get seen by a+e or your EPU if you can. Just for your own peace of mind.

Hope everything turns out fine, I have my fingers crossed for you. Keep us posted xx

Thank you.. I’ve takeb the day of work, cried all morning so I’m going to sort myself out and call the triage. I’m not going to leave them alone until someone sees me lol.

I tried to book a private scan and my local place is fully booked 😓

I’ll update everyone this evening x

LucyJJ in reply to Itsasecret88

The Early Pregnancy Unit should be able to see you, even as a walk in patient, and check you through!

Hi, I’m 16w + 4 days and around 13 weeks I got the same jelly discharge mixed with blood like yours. Was only when I wipe, but mine had red blood strains as well. That lasted for few weeks and stopped ( for now ). I had swab taken to check for infections and was all normal. I also think was my mucus plug ( I have one child already and know how the plug looks like). As others adviced, contact the hospital just to be on the safe side. Hopefully nothing will be wrong and the discharge will disappear soon. Good luck.

I am sure it is nothing but if you are concerned go see gp and ask for a scan at epu, they would do the scan there until 16 weeks

Thank you everyone for your help.

I’ve spoke to triage midwife & the epac department they don’t want to see me.

They told me to call GP & be checked for UTI so I’m waiting for GP to call back!

I called my local window to the womb and the guy was lovely he is opening early on Sunday so I can have a scan. This makes me a little happier.

I’m going to the London baby show tomorrow with my friend, mum & sister (I’m looking forward to the 2 hour train nap lol) I’ll try not to stress & see what Sunday brings.

Thanks you all again so much, I always receive so much support from this site xx

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