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Babies weight

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Hey ladies... just wondering what your babies weighed at 36 weeks? I’ve got gd but I had my scan today and he weight 5.3lb and is on the 10th centile. Sonographer didn’t seem at all concerned but was just curious to see what other babies weighed at this stage xx

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Hi I only know from my daughter who was born at 36 weeks she was 5pound 10 I think as long as baby is growing from ur last scan then all is good. Was it a growth scan as you only normally get two scans?

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Ahhh I see... it was a growth scan as I have gestational diabetes so get a few more scans 😊

My son weighed 8lb 3oz at 36 weeks but he was a big boy born at 10lb 4! They say they put on half a pound a week in the final weeks so 5.3lb sounds right on track xx

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Ohh my... a big baba... hopefully mine will grow in the next few weeks 😊

I'll be 36 weeks on Monday but at our last growth scan last Friday at 34 plus 4 she measured 6lb 10oz and that's without gd x

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Ohh wow.... bless her... are they letting you go to full term? Xx

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No, because I have lupus, I've been under extra monitoring. They're inducing me on 18th March at 38 weeks x

36+5 8lb 1oz

My baby was 6 14 at 36 week scan, 9 6 when she was born at 41 weeks. So mine was probably accurate but generally I don’t think they’re all that accurate tbh.

My lil lady was around 8lbs at 36 weeks, she was born 1 day over due date and weighed 10lbs 3oz . So I think your right on track, do you not see a doctor after your scan?

My baby was estimated 6lb 8oz at 36 weeks, she was a little chunk tho at 9lb 5oz x

My baby was estimated on 95th percentile but was born 39+4 weighing 6lb1oz 🙈

33+5 was told baby was weighing 5lb. Not sure how accurate the measurements are but I was worried that was too big for how far along I am xx

I also had gestational diabetes and had an emergency c section at 35 weeks. My baby was born weighing 5 pounds 8 ounces. He quickly lost a lot in the hospital though due to the diabetes and went down to below 5 pounds. Now at 3.5 months adjusted age he’s a wee thing at 10 pounds 7 ounces!

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